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  • Away up the creek a faint crackling sounded.
  • He thought of the crackling logs in the fire-place below.
  • A crackling report and a hissing shower of darts followed.
  • In one of them a merry fire was crackling and flickering on the hearth.
  • Over and over they rolled, the gorse crackling under their weight.
  • He gasped with joy as he tucked away the crackling bits of paper.
  • A loud crackling and smoke rising through the cocoanut trees told the story.
  • He watched the curling, crackling paper with a sort of childish curiosity.

How To Use Crackling In A Sentence?

  • This was followed by a scrambling noise that arose above the crackling of the fire.
  • From the crackling of the twigs she knew that he was walking about among the trees.
  • Peer strode about in the crackling snow with his fur cap drawn down over his ears.
  • She looked at her moveless husband as he sat before the crackling blaze in the big fireplace.
  • Out again into the fresh air and the frost on the crisp, crackling road and in the sunshine.
  • With what joy he tossed it into the fire, and heard it go crackling up the chimney!
  • They eat most of the time, and they make a queer little crackling sound while they are about it.
  • Vicot stood silent for a moment, the bill crackling as he folded it between his trembling fingers.
  • She struck a match, kindled the little crackling tube, and threw the light out into the shrubbery.
  • The crackling roar of the thunder, like an infernal trumpet-blast, went clanging up to heaven.
  • If she were stroked two or three times, in the dark, blue sparks came crackling from her fur.
  • They settled down to it amid a crackling of torn envelopes, Bebita darting from one to the other.
  • It was the end of October, and cool enough to make the crackling fire grateful.
  • He had let the fire die down, for fear its loud crackling would awaken Natalie.
  • Mr. Solomon Bangs, his shirt-bosom crackling with importance, introduced the Congressman.
  • The fire was crackling merrily in the drawing-room when she stepped into it again after speeding her departing guests.
  • When he had warmed himself thoroughly and was about to start on again, he heard a crackling of bushes behind him.
  • The crackling of the down-trodden brushwood and the shouts of the armed men mingle with the barking of the dogs.
  • Then he heard the bushes moving and twigs crackling under the feet of some animal the other side of the lane-fence.
  • For miles to the right and left the woods were crackling with musketry, interspersed with the booming of fieldpieces.
  • Nor was this all, for they could plainly hear a crackling from the rear that was gradually becoming a subdued roar.
  • Down went the newspaper with a crackling noise that somewhat alarmed him, so he withdrew to what he thought a safe distance.
  • The logs broke into a crackling blaze just at this moment, and lighted up that luxurious hearth and the two figures beside it.
  • By the foot of one of the large trees in a narrow space between the roots the flames leapt up, crackling clearly and joyously.
  • How long he had been buried in this stupor he knew not, but he was suddenly aroused from it by a strange, unexpected crackling sound.
  • With two great shouts the song ended, and a stillness followed so intense that the crackling of the fire was heard distinctly.
  • And these, with the crackling blaze upon the hearth, sent queer shadows quivering up the smoky walls.
  • He always said this with peculiar piety; and again started up, thinking that he heard something crackling and moving in the ravine.
  • There was a stove in the room, and he stepped up to it, opened the iron door, and thrust the paper into the crackling fire.
  • Plunging through the crackling greasewood at the side of the road, the Yuma colt leaped toward the car.
  • When she came to a halt, shy and breathless, she was standing by a crackling wood-fire in a room that seemed all coziness and color and soft light.
  • On a still night one could almost hear the earth move, and fancy that the stars diffused a gentle crackling noise as of rushing flame.

Definition of Crackling

present participle of crackle | (cooking, in the plural in US) Fat that, after roasting a joint, hardens and crispens. | (cooking, in the singular in Britain) The crispy rind of roast pork.
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