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  • So are the cradle and the nursery.
  • His cradle was his tomb.
  • And her cradle is the grave.
  • Toy cradle of boards.
  • Life is the cradle of eternity.
  • Would the cradle had been specified!
  • Again the cradle was to be hauled in.
  • To cradle the future.
  • Was the cradle empty?
  • Her godmother over her cradle bent.
  • Possibly he yearned for the cradle of his aspirations.
  • How many more laps will he cradle in?
  • Wherever we went she took the cradle with her.
  • To the cradle succeeds the cathedral.
  • To rock the cradle when the baby is not in it will kill it.
  • Baby cradle made of willow work.
  • We live in a land which is the very cradle of freedom.
  • They saw a tree with a cradle caught in the branches.
  • They tear away this soft down as a cradle for their young.
  • The cradle was quickly run back to the wreck.
  • But one is here in the cradle of great religious movements.
  • The hand that rocks the cradle does not rule the world.
  • The pixy babies must have a cradle until they are grown up.
  • Two eggs laid on the ground in a slight cradle of twigs.
  • Here is a spot green and soft, a sweet cradle for men.
  • Moses did bare Safe in his cradle of wattles!
  • Brescia, the cradle of Violin making .
  • And we greet in his cradle our Saviour and King!
  • It is moreover the cradle of the French Renaissance.
  • Every member was there transmitted from the cradle to the grave.
  • From the cradle to the grave all our actions are guided by this principle.
  • Many never donned broadcloth from their cradle to their grave.
  • And the baby will suck the paint off its cradle and have fits.
  • He is cared for and put in the cradle by the side of the other child.
  • It is hail and farewell with us from the cradle to the grave.
  • Custom meets us at the cradle and leaves us only at the tomb.
  • He only knew he must get the cradle out of the room and do it quickly.
  • The count leaned over the cradle and covered the child with kisses.

How To Use Cradle In A Sentence?

  • Education comprehends all the improvements of the mind from the cradle to the grave.
  • There are few spots which do not yield some profit to the pickaxe and cradle of the miner.

Definition of Cradle

(transitive) To contain in or as if in a cradle. | (transitive) To rock (a baby to sleep). | (transitive) To wrap protectively, to hold gently and protectively.
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