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How To Use Craftily In A Sentence?

  • A singular occupation this, however, which forces you to struggle craftily with a barbel.
  • The Khalifa has craftily arranged that all horses remain in the hands of the Baggaras.
  • And lest any man should craftily say that this refers only to priests, Paul in 1 Cor.
  • He cast about craftily to save his face and took his cue from the other's smile.
  • When his customers brought dough to be baked he had a confederate under the table who craftily withdrew great pieces.
  • It was noon on a late fall day with no sight or sound of life except that mammoth eagle craftily soaring.
  • Dink had thought of that; he had thought of something else, too, which he craftily hid in his own memory.
  • And the squire tiptoed craftily away, chuckling maliciously to himself at the thought of how he would aid in punishing the boys on the morrow.
  • It was therefore sought out and craftily withdrawn, and the chief or greatest remedy was to increase the value or price of the said money.
  • He undid them, arranged them craftily in the stove with rolls of old newspaper beneath, and touched a match to the fire.
  • And didst thou not permit me to work craftily on the one who built the wall around Asgard for a price?
  • It was craftily disposed in the mouth of the half-open bag, which seemed crammed to the hinges with it, making an alluring bait.
  • Peroo, well known to the crew, had possessed himself of the inlaid wheel, and was taking the launch craftily up-stream.
  • The owner was staring craftily up at him, careful to keep his body between Van Dam and the treasure.
  • That all that fervour should have been craftily assumed for the purpose of deceit was too repulsive a subject for reflection, and she put it from her.
  • Again she worked up craftily to another and stronger climax, though she felt all the time that La Flitche fathomed her.
  • But I will even do as thou biddest, if only these foolish ones will make room that I may pass my hands craftily over the skin.
  • At the end of the seventeenth century, however, men arose in England who craftily sought to abolish the Christian faith.
  • She did not long to be the loving help of a good man, but was ever craftily bent upon exploiting the weaker sides of those she met for the furtherance of her own ends.
  • They had been preceded already by Braxton Wyatt, who had hung back craftily while the Iroquois broke down the door.
  • The Rock Scorp, craftily concealing his delight at the success of his plan, took the document and glanced at the amount written thereon.
  • And striking her pony with her gold-mounted whip she dashed off at a gallop after a grey old boar that had craftily kept close in cover and crept out quietly after the beaters had passed.
  • The shoemaker, who was a thrifty man, asked Strollo what was the matter with the shoes he had on, so Strollo craftily said they hurt his feet.
  • He had craftily tried to find out if any servant of the house was a party to the matter, or at least if he knew anything; but he found out nothing which could make him think so.
  • On a hillock covered with hazels he laid out walks, put up arbours and arranged a maze that wound so craftily among the thicket that the visitor who entered it found no easy exit.
  • He was betrayed by means of the very device he had, as he thought, so craftily adopted; but still his natural sagacity did not forsake him, even in this unexpected emergency.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Craftily | Craftily Sentence

  • Where's he that craftily hath said.
  • The princess meanwhile was craftily pursuing her plan of escape.
  • Twice we caught sight of a fox silently and craftily stealing along.
  • He had hidden it craftily away, with an eye to just such an adventure as this.
  • Then the door opens and looking craftily round the third Priest enters.
  • His eyes leaped from point to point, as Harrigan's had craftily flitted.

Definition of Craftily

In a crafty manner; slyly.
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