Craggy in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Craggy

1. Scale the craggy height! 🔊

2. And all the craggy mountains yield. 🔊

3. It is craggy on the east side. 🔊

4. Nielsen bellowed from the craggy cape above and behind us. 🔊

5. The west side is craggy for a couple of hundred feet. 🔊

6. There, from that craggy rock, help was offered them. 🔊

7. Connel watched them go, a ferocious scowl on his craggy features. 🔊

8. A craggy point comparable to some of those in the Grand Canyon! 🔊

9. A little farther, Fox How nestles at the foot of a craggy height. 🔊

How to use Craggy in Sentences?

1. Accordingly they proceeded through their valley to the craggy path which led down to the bay. 🔊

2. They were features of strength rather than beauty from the frowning forehead to the craggy jaw. 🔊

3. When he reached the spot he wanted, he carefully concealed himself beneath a craggy overhang. 🔊

4. The hounds were working around on another slope, from which craggy rocks loomed above the timber. 🔊

5. Seated on a craggy rock, 9 What aged man appears! 🔊

6. Only at eve, within the craggy cleft, Some water, and a cake of maize, were left. 🔊

7. And now, high up, There burned upon the mountain's craggy top Their journey's rosy signal. 🔊

8. They mark the minutes as they fall, running the gauntlet of the craggy twigs and bounding upon the slope beneath. 🔊

9. They were on a craggy height, and the Englishman perceived that his antagonist was striving to press him to the edge. 🔊