Cranberry In A Sentence

Definition of Cranberry

Of the intense red colour of a cranberry. | A shrub belonging to the section Vaccinium sect. Oxycoccus of the genus Vaccinium. | The edible red berry of that shrub.

How To Use Cranberry In A Sentence?

  • He had planned the bog for a cranberry patch, and had already negotiated for the bushes.
  • Currant jelly or cranberry juice mixed with water makes a pleasant drink for an invalid.
  • Serve with the oysters small pickles, pickled cabbage or cranberry sauce as an accompaniment.
  • Now both are married to American wives and own prosperous cranberry bogs of their own.
  • Then he gave them buns and chocolates, icecreams, apples, pears, shrimps and cranberry tarts.
  • Roast turkey and cranberry sauce and mince pie Are there on the table, I saw passing by.
  • The little cheeks and mouth were sparingly flushed with cranberry juice, and the eyes beamed blue with indigo.
  • The ice-crop since then would more than pay for the place, and it has also a water-power and cranberry marsh on it.
  • Yet the woods are filled with a great variety of wild berries, among which the cranberry and swampberry are considered the best.
  • Remembrance of our transit of Mullet's cranberry brook did not seem to embarrass her in the least.
  • His heart had been set on turkey; but as that was out of the question, he compromised on a goose, adhering tenaciously to the cranberry sauce.
  • Heather-like plants are also indigenous in Etorofu, and cranberry bushes are frequent near the coast.
  • Shooting out from the Cranberry like a thing of life, the rival iceboat made a graceful sweep and continued up the river.
  • Often there were no occupants; one year there were two Portuguese cranberry pickers, stricken with rheumatism from exposure in the cranberry bogs.
  • You may serve up with the pig, apple-sauce, cranberry sauce, or bread-sauce in a small tureen; or currant jelly.
  • She heard the Captain commenting on the late cranberry crop, the exceptionally pleasant weather of the past month, and other irrelevant subjects.
  • The flat hills, uniformly covered with soft moss of a dirty green, and with cranberry leaves, undulated gently westwards towards the sinking sun.
  • The sky was clear blue, and the air was so free from haze that the houses at Cranberry Point could be seen in every detail.
  • But Captain Putnam provided good cheer in abundance, with plenty of turkey and cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and nuts.
  • But though they "slept over" the problem and talked it over as hard as they could, going to the cranberry bogs was the best answer they could find for the difficulty.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cranberry | Cranberry Sentence

  • Busier than a cranberry merchant.
  • Serve the roll with cranberry sauce.
  • Even the glades and the open cranberry swamps are small and infrequent.
  • Roll out one-quarter inch thick and spread with cranberry mixture.
  • Serve, cut in inch-wide slices with sweetened cranberry sauce.
  • These were great marshes, drained like cranberry bogs and planted in onions.
  • Such a moulding of cranberry jelly, so deeply, darkly, richly red!
  • The shaky bridge over Mullet's cranberry brook was just ahead.

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