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  • Necks crane toward the door.
  • The crane flew some distance inland and then alighted.
  • Le commandant a eu une crâne idée.
  • He stands and the big crane creaks, it does.
  • Mrs. Crane is in the center.
  • After crane soup one would seem to deserve roast goose.
  • Mr. Crane next to her.
  • Hanna Crane and the mauve decade.
  • Soon Crane started on and flew all night as before.
  • Mr. Crane swore softly.
  • Miss Crane had received the message in the morning.
  • Miss Crane rattled the letter in her hand.
  • Encore un crâne officier, va, le commandant.
  • Mr. Crane made use of language.
  • Miss Crane herself opened the door in answer to his ring.
  • From the pothook on the crane hangs an old Colonial kettle.
  • Miss Crane caught hold and climbed up towards the nest.
  • About midnight, the Crane overtook him and flew on.
  • While he was yet coming, the Crane announced his approach.
  • Name of Crane and Keith.
  • Mrs. Crane gave each girl a five dollar gold piece.
  • Miss Crane affected to be asleep, but heard every word.
  • It is most picturesquely placed by Crane Bridge.
  • Miss Marcia Crane shook her head.
  • Mr. Crane spluttered, and made uncouth sounds of rage.
  • A Stork and a Crane once frequented the same marsh.
  • Then he called at the offices of Crane & Keith.
  • I think Dr. Crane ought to be nominated.
  • Mighty ingenious fellers, Crane and Keith....
  • Illustrated by Donn P. Crane & others.
  • To be sure Mr. Ashly Crane was much older than she.
  • Then Crane and Keith arrived in Coldriver....
  • XIX Mr. Crane was a persistent person.
  • W. Crane and Co., Topeka, 692 pp.
  • So I ordered White Crane Youth to bring me the head.

How To Use Crane In A Sentence?

  • Which shows that Mr. Sand-Hill Crane was also wise.
  • Surely not Mrs. Crane and Mr. Black, too!
  • One day young Mr. Sand-Hill Crane came home much excited.
  • The people of the town were very sorry to see the crane taken down.
  • No sooner did he pray than the paper crane popped out of his pocket.

Definition of Crane

(transitive, intransitive) To extend (one's neck). | (transitive) To raise or lower with, or as if with, a crane. | (intransitive) To pull up before a jump.
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