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  • In the Gnome motor the cylinders revolved and the crankshaft was stationary.

How To Use Crankshaft In A Sentence?

  • The shaft is made to run freely in the crankshaft bearing that was previously soldered in place.
  • If you could conjure up a new crankshaft out of nothing, you would still be three behind the last in, and all the town out to laugh at you.
  • The plate is mounted at an angle to the tube, so that when it is in place on the stern of the boat the propeller-shaft will be in line with the crankshaft of the engine.
  • Instead of having the piston and the crankshaft move, it was the cylinder itself which moved in the Gnome motor, while the crankshaft and piston were stationary.
  • If it does come to rest at "dead center," where no air can enter the piston, the crankshaft should be given a little twist and the engine will then start.

Definition of Crankshaft

A rotating shaft that drives (or is driven by) a crank.
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