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How To Use Crash In A Sentence?

  • And after the crash there was a moment of silence as if he were recovering himself.
  • There was a crash of splintering wood and then cries of pain and terror from the passengers.
  • At the moment there was a violent peal of thunder rolling off into a crash and rattle.
  • A lumbering crash followed instantaneously that made the building shake to its foundation.
  • The crash as they fell on the floor had sounded in her ears like the scream of a child murdered.
  • There was a blaze of blue-white light, and a crash that seemed to shake the universe.
  • With a crash the music stopped, as Judy jumped up from the bench, and went into the hall.
  • At every fresh crash Uncle Bernard shrank, feeling as if the lightning were coming down his back.
  • Finally, there was the crash of circuit-breakers as they reacted to the overload from the short circuit.
  • Just as the film closed there was a clatter and crash and pieces of the broken skylight in the roof of the playhouse clattered down.
  • Now they had bethought themselves to roll rocks and heavy stones off the crest, which fell with a crash on the treetops below.
  • The night watchman reported that he had heard a hollow-sounding crash in that unoccupied part of the house during the night.
  • There was a sudden crash, and both girls felt the left side of the buggy sink and then crash to the ground.
  • He suited the action to the word, and there was a resounding crash as his boot struck the door a hard blow.
  • His huge shoulder came into contact with the hard wood and there was a crash as the door gave way beneath his weight.
  • The schooner rolled and plunged, fetching up on her anchors with a crash which for the first time they could hear.
  • Then he heard a second crash and a screeching, long continued, that went through and through his dizzy brain.
  • A short pause, and crash follows crash as the shells are dropped into our trench at distances of four yards.
  • One of his wing tips caught on the canvas tent, or hangar, and in another instant there was a crash and a mass of wreckage.
  • The crash was horrid, and wine and particles of glass flew back into the room, to the no small danger of its inmates.
  • He started to his feet, oversetting his chair as he did so, which rolled down the steps of the dais and fell with a crash on the stone floor below.
  • Such men were part of the changing world; they answered not to reasoned argument, but to the loud crash of breaking idols.
  • For a moment the whole region was enveloped in a cloud of steam-like snow-spray, and after the final crash the thunder of the avalanche ceased.
  • Men talk about courage on the battle-field, the facing of danger amid the conflict of armed hosts, and the crash of battle.
  • He remains for some time dumbfounded and standing motionless in the street, till at last a dull, heavy crash arouses him from his revery.
  • Suddenly there was a sharp report, a crash of glass, and one of the diners sprang to his feet and fell backward, shot through the brain.
  • Captain Harry fell right in with a crash like a stone on top of the burning papers, putting the blaze out.
  • Every now and again a sea would crash upon the deck, and the wind, howling through the rigging, sounded like the yelling of a thousand fiends.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Crash | Crash Sentence

  • There was a crash of bullets.
  • With the final crash an awful silence prevailed.
  • The tiny crash seemed to wake her up thoroughly.
  • He began to crash out some defiant chords upon the piano.
  • Then the door was closed with a crash that showed how heavy it was.
  • The crash of thunder almost overhead brought him to his feet.
  • And rooftrees themselves shall crash down and take part in the struggle.
  • The air was shaken by the crash and thunder of the guns from both sides.
  • A vast rumbling crash shook the coral foundations of the atoll.
  • A fir pole had been raised without, and then was to crash through the hut.
  • In answer, another rumbling crash shook the atoll and the house.
  • When the crash came, Englishmen pinned their faith to their history.

Definition of Crash

Quick, fast, intensive, impromptu. | (transitive) To collide with something destructively, fall or come down violently. | (transitive) To severely damage or destroy something by causing it to collide with something else.
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