Crayfish In A Sentence

Definition of Crayfish

to catch crayfish | Alternative form of crawfish (to backpedal, desert, or withdraw) | Any of numerous freshwater decapod crustaceans in superfamilies Astacoidea and Parastacoidea, resembling the related lobster but usually much smaller.

How To Use Crayfish In A Sentence?

  • Then it would break, as he very well knows: that kind of thing is a part of the crayfish system!
  • Just then a Crayfish Mother came swimming slowly along, stopping often to rest.
  • All over the perpendicular, blackened sides of the peat-cutting living crayfish claws opened at her.
  • Everything that has no longer the power to keep above the water, all that is dead and drifts about, belongs to the crayfish and to her.
  • The boar's head looks excellent with its white-wine sauce; so does the crayfish soup.
  • The first stone he turned over had three of the coveted crayfish hidden under its slimy bottom, and excited at his luck, he quickly caught them.
  • The quiet little Nipper had not much experience regarding the way in which a crayfish catches fish; he was more accustomed to snails and mussels.
  • In the eyeholes of the skulls the crayfish sheltered when they rested on their long journey over these perilous wastes, and perch lurked in the shadow of the ribs.
  • As quietly as a snail, a little crayfish was crawling over the bottom; but it was more watchful than a polecat, and listened and felt its way carefully.
  • This showed that the Wise Old Crayfish had been well brought up, and knew he should not say unpleasant things about people if he could help it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Crayfish | Crayfish Sentence

  • The Crayfish stuck his tail into the mud.
  • The Crayfish Mother stopped with a sigh.
  • The Biggest Little Crayfish had beaten.
  • The Wise Old Crayfish turned to their mother.
  • This evening the Wise Old Crayfish was very sleepy.
  • Just then a Wise Old Crayfish came along walking sidewise.
  • A second after Lew tried for the crayfish not a living thing was visible.

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