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  • It was creaking and groaning dismally.
  • The creaking of a chair roused me from my sleep.
  • He could hear the creaking of their feet above.
  • His bones were chilled and creaking with fatigue.
  • He slipped down the creaking ladder into the wireless-room.
  • Not long afterwards there was a dull and creaking rumble.
  • Now, the creaking of furniture is no uncommon thing.
  • The creaking ceased; the span became stationary.
  • In your hoarse voice I hear the creaking of ropes.
  • There was nothing for it but to ascend those creaking stairs again.
  • A creaking from the mainmast told that it might fall at any moment.
  • This was followed by the creaking of a key turning in the lock of the gate.
  • May not that creaking be sometimes due to an invisible presence in the chair?
  • He let himself in, and walked noiselessly up the creaking wooden stair.
  • I hear the creaking of Glycerium's door.
  • He heard the slapping waves, the creaking tackle, the shouting sailors.
  • It was but a pair of creaking Sunday boots on the feet of a pagan.
  • Cousin Jim, with creaking new shoes, leaped down to help Missy in.

How To Use Creaking In A Sentence?

  • Bill sat himself down, and set the chair creaking as he turned it about facing her.
  • He thrust the creaking door open and waited while the flight of birds swarmed past him.
  • She made her way slowly and painfully down the creaking stairs, and after a while returned.
  • In the dead of night a creaking axle-tree can be heard passing down the silent lanes.
  • The sound of creaking twigs reached the ears of the three who stood silently there in the forest.
  • Only the creaking of the scattered cobblestones is heard, dying away in the misty air.
  • A covered wagon was creaking slowly by, drawn by a big horse and a little burro.
  • It took his shoulder; at last he set it swinging inward slowly on its creaking hinges.
  • My answer was to bound up the creaking stairs and to overhaul Raffles on the landing.
  • Then he looked up with a smile when he heard the creaking of the windmill crank at the back of the house.
  • What had aroused his attention was the creaking of a piece of furniture or a movement made by one of the men with him.
  • From where we stood we could hear the creaking of the wagon wheels and the cracking whips of the drivers.
  • It was difficult to hear anything else distinctly for the noise made by the flapping of the tent and the creaking of its supports.
  • There is no trolley-car or creaking of any wheel, and on the pavement we hear only the fall of feet in endless pattern.
  • All day sleds had gone creaking past, set to that fine groaning which belongs to the music of the year.
  • The creaking of the hay wagon had but just lost itself in the silence, when her quick ear caught the rattle of the lighter carriage.
  • Everything proclaimed it, from his awkward seat in his creaking new saddle to the new rope coiled around the horn of it.
  • Dolly passed through the sleeping house, crept by the doors, slid down the creaking stairs, into the hall.
  • The stillness was so emphatic that each time I moved, the creaking of my clothes and limbs created echoes.
  • The voice of the hen, of the redstart, the creaking of a wheel, were imitated by my child of his own accord long before he could speak a word.
  • Madame von Marwitz continued to say nothing, and in a moment they heard behind them the clashing and creaking of the omnibus.
  • The creaking noise went on after the chimes had ceased, and George jumped out of window on to the water-butt to see what was the matter.

Definition of Creaking

present participle of creak | A noise that creaks.
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