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  • And he liked chocolate creams best.
  • These sirups are used for flavoring ice creams and water ices.

How To Use Creams In A Sentence?

  • Mousses are heavy creams flavored and sweetened and then whipped, packed into a mould and frozen.
  • Mrs. Todhetley was in the kitchen over the creams and jellies and things, fit to faint with heat.
  • Mash the soft creams together with the Roquefort, butter and flour, using a silver fork.
  • All creams in the making increase in volume and therefore they must have sufficient room for churning.
  • Fruit juices that are designed for use in frozen creams and water ices should be canned with a generous amount of sugar.
  • But it was merely superficial, like the creams and cosmetics used by a faded beauty to hide the ravages of time.
  • The principal industry of Quiquendone is the manufacture of whipped creams and barley-sugar on a large scale.
  • The August sun shone in upon the banquet, the creams and jellies languished and collapsed in the sultry air.
  • I want as many helpings as possible of the stewed plums, the custard, the trifle pudding, the port-wine jellies, the whipped creams and the cheese.
  • Not only were there lotions to help the neophyte sun-worshiper acquire a rich even tan, but creams were available for the impatient who wished an instant tan.
  • The chocolate creams he stowed carefully behind his own cushion, and taking his seat pushed out into the open water through the maze of pleasure boats which stretched half-way across the river.
  • Then, put them into a box or jar, and keep them to use as bitter almonds; for which they are an excellent substitute in flavouring custards, creams and cakes.

Definition of Creams

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cream | plural of cream
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