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  • We know that a demand invariably creates a supply.
  • A machine thus neither creates nor destroys energy.
  • But, if he does, the thing creates a perfect sensation.
  • First, he creates the World-Soul.
  • The material which the person appropriates creates a system of obligation.
  • This disturbance of the flux creates electromotive forces in those windings.
  • War creates a heroism which later devotes itself to spiritual ends.
  • The expansive element which creates literature is steadily denied.
  • It creates a hunger and thirst for higher and better things.
  • It is that alcohol creates new slums faster than the old are cleared away.
  • Shelley, on the other hand, creates for us a new atmosphere of generosity.

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  • The same interference from our organization creates the most of our pleasure and pain.
  • This creates a great deal of correspondence with the respective authorities.
  • It creates the death wish toward all who thwart our interests or who may in the future do so.
  • He appeals to the temper of wonder, and creates that mood in which alone he can be understood.
  • He who creates confidence makes convalescence rapid and strengthens the power to overcome disease.
  • Such a surface creates little vacuum above it, and consequently has not a great lifting power.
  • Wherever it goes, it creates joy and hilarity, and everything is permitted to it.
  • It neither creates nor destroys energy, but simply transforms one form into another.
  • The finitude of the objective will thus creates the semblance of a distinction between rights and duties.
  • Thus there may be a kind of magnetic power which creates relations between all objects in the universe.
  • Women interviewed have repeatedly emphasized the difficulties that this practice creates in connection with the housekeeping.
  • It creates at that time all the motive force that will be dispensed during the entire revolution of the wing.
  • The one without the other creates a lack of mental balance which is the most favorable condition for a pathological disturbance.
  • Not only does he preserve his independence by such a rule, but he creates a hundred new objects of interest for himself.
  • It's queer how music creates a world for you in which you are not, and makes you dreamy.
  • The great diplomatist is not the one who creates events, but the one who foresees them and knows best how to profit by them.
  • The other school creates a complete antithesis between mind and body and makes psychotherapy a kind of triumph of the mind over the body.
  • A traveler is generally indicated by this artistry of the sun, and once noted instantly creates a speculative interest.
  • The deft weaving of palm-leaf hut and wall of defence creates a village or destroys it at lightning speed.
  • These solutions admit the very principle which necessarily creates the difficulty, and renders a satisfactory answer impossible.
  • This ideal is absolutely false, and creates the greatest source of danger in existence that stares women in the face.
  • Hadji is affecting to be stone deaf, so he no longer interprets for sick people, which creates an additional difficulty.
  • To-day the airplane fuselage is carefully streamlined, but the landing chassis beneath it creates a good deal of resistance to motion.
  • A bird, flying in a dead calm, creates an upward pressure of air by his motion which is sufficient to support his weight.
  • Thus, if red is viewed, the eye creates for itself green, and this green is cast upon whatever is near.
  • It creates THOUGHT to guide the hands that set all this vast machinery in motion.
  • There is also needed an enduring and genuine delight in Nature and outdoor occupations, which creates its own sunshine under dreary skies.
  • We come to them not to learn lessons but to be with them for a little while and to live with them that larger and truer life which their presence creates for us.
  • Goodness is the work of omnipotence, an attribute of nature, as God creates it: holiness is something infinitely higher.

Definition of Creates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of create
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