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  • Bids the fair creations rise!
  • Are these weird and mystic voices But creations of the brain?
  • A love for all of God's creations characterized him.
  • The doctor is one of Steen's best creations of this type.

How To Use Creations In A Sentence?

  • Nor is the balance redressed and compensation found in any new creations of the kind.
  • The uplifting of the heart is the result of learning to know about the creations of the spirit.
  • Those laws by which the irrational animal creations are controlled are usually called instincts.
  • No dreams of poetry, no creations of art, touch our hearts with a sweet rapture.
  • And what man ever had such a sublimity of aspect and figure as the creations of Michael Angelo?
  • You are exactly like one of those lovely creations one sees in mass-books of the Middle Ages.
  • And these mighty creations are out of all proportion to the essential and indigenous elements and resources of the country.
  • Moreover, the natural conformation of the country had its influence upon the creations of its inhabitants.
  • Donizetti arrived at his freshest creations at a time when there seemed but little left for him except the trite and threadbare.
  • Henceforth a discord ran through all the melodies of existence, and ever and anon reproduced itself in the creations of imagination.
  • There are still edifices standing to which time has given a beauty and tradition a sanctity which newer creations cannot possess.
  • He was proud of his calling and counted it high and sacred, though he valued his creations in terms of cash.
  • One of his strongest natural tendencies, which had considerable influence in the creations of his fancy, was a love of the supernatural.
  • And now we may divide both on a different principle into the creations or imitations which are of human, and those which are of divine, origin.
  • Both are creations of thought, and the difference in kind which seems to divide them may also be regarded as a difference of degree.
  • They delight in stories, and a wise teacher can make this subservient to the highest uses by reading beautiful creations of the imagination.
  • Can the two finest creations of the mind only be combined on the terms that one is subordinate, or rather servile, to the other?
  • Its creations have not the organic character of the other, lacking a stable center of attraction; but they act by diffusion and inclusion.
  • The creations of noble minds form practical working-forces in shaping character, purifying taste and elevating standards.
  • All these sciences are creations of the mind of man; they are the order and the logic which he reads into Nature.
  • The creations at Versailles can be divided into two distinct epochs, that before 1670 and that coming after.
  • The ideal creations of the poet and the philosopher sink into perfect insignificance beside the actual creation of God.
  • Its noble specimens of art creations in architecture, painting, and sculpture produced a powerful impression upon the young musician.
  • After Keats (whose creations are miniature poems in themselves) there is a remarkable decline in word-creation.
  • The sculptor, painter, architect, must have visual and tactile-motor images; it is the material in which their creations are wrapped up.
  • These terrible creations of a cruel mind indicate a phase of faith antagonistic to, and therefore more ancient than, Christianity.
  • In literature and in the arts comparison between the simplicity of primitive creations and the complexity of advanced civilizations has become commonplace.
  • Its symmetry and just proportion appeal directly to those whose artistic ideas are founded upon the creations of the Greeks and Romans.
  • The weird legends and gloomy creations of the Celt assume a mild and frolicsome feature when interpreted by the Saxon mind.
  • It is the sense of their simple grandeur of form and of the disproportion between the individual power and stature of man and these colossal creations of his hands.
  • I mind my own business and I make my own creations, but I am perfectly ready to admire the creations of others.
  • The artistic external form which he gives to his creations removes them out of the domain of the practically useful, or the scientifically interesting.
  • Indeed, in the course of the nineteenth century and on account of growing civilization all these creations reach a second moment when their origin is hidden.
  • It was more like the ideal creations with which the poetry of the Middle Ages adorned the Christian temples.
  • It is natural, however, to suppose that these equivalent apparitions and disappearances correspond to transformations and not to simultaneous creations and destructions.
  • For example, the progression is apparent between Plotinus and the frenzied creations of the Gnostics and the Cabalists.

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plural of creation
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