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  • Can nothing your credulity convince?
  • Marvellous indeed is the credulity of war-time.
  • His credulity and prejudice are beyond belief.
  • It must have strained her credulity to the breaking-point.
  • Surely, with such faith, credulity ceases to be credulity.
  • Can religious jugglery, and blind credulity go farther?
  • This French credulity is too simple for our credence.
  • To believe all this is to illustrate the credulity of scepticism.
  • I was tempted in the wilderness of my own credulity and conceit.
  • The Credulity of the English . . . . . . . . . .
  • He had all the credulity of a little child, all the confidence of a hero.
  • That credulity leads to self-conceit, hypocrisy, and unbelief.
  • It makes no appeal to faith, to ignorance, to credulity or fear.
  • Perhaps if we the men did name, Credulity would not believe!
  • Those who too readily believe, For their credulity may grieve.
  • It would only tax Jinny's credulity and hurt her feelings.
  • Skepticism and Credulity are as general here as elsewhere, for what I see.
  • The Belief of Lady Statham was not credulity and superstition; it was Memory.
  • Another entertaining instance of credulity was the use of "cramp rings.

How To Use Credulity In A Sentence?

  • I am surprised at the credulity which could ever lend itself to that theatrical juggle.
  • There the stupid victims of credulity are to be harangued by several of their best talkers.
  • There are epidemics of credulity as of infidelity, and such a plague raged at this period.
  • We had not the wit to be knaves, or the credulity to accept him at his own colossal valuation.
  • Those were dear good people, but they must have carried simplicity and credulity to the limit.
  • This book made credulity the greatest of virtues, and investigation the greatest of crimes.
  • She could invent a fable which would satisfy his ready credulity without compromising her father.
  • Cruel tyrants reigned in cities, and rapacious priests fattened on the credulity of the people.
  • With imbecility and credulity on the throne, corruption continues to prevail among high and low.
  • I exclaimed; and the long tale of credulity and ingratitude passed across my mind in an instant.
  • I say boldly that it requires far more credulity to be an infidel than to be a Christian.
  • This virtue is extended by popular credulity to the natives, and even to the animals, of Hibernia.
  • The Prophet was either duped himself, or playing upon the credulity of Black Hawk and Naopope.
  • Mockery at his faith in their credulity at so preposterous a statement, would have been his only reward.
  • The clerk had taken advantage of her credulity to such an extent as to make her believe that he had been decorated.
  • Truly it is a difficult matter to determine where abject superstition ends and ordinary credulity begins.
  • This is the true principle of the credulity of nations, and of the authority of those who pretend to guide them.
  • And now the whole spectacular business was capped by a sensation so dramatic as to strain credulity to its limit.
  • And the same demand is made upon our credulity in regard to the eight hundred and fifty similar instances!
  • Yet here she was asking me deliberately to impose on the credulity of some poor, trusting theatrical manager.
  • The credulity which even doubted the records of that adventurous march or the reality of his brilliant result had hardly died out.

Definition of Credulity

A willingness to believe in someone or something in the absence of reasonable proof; credulousness.
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