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  • But her creed had the merit of simplicity.
  • The old creed is still taught.
  • A creed without defenders is lifeless.
  • I expounded to you most carefully the creed of my life.
  • In this creed sacrifice and ghost-worship are absent.
  • Had Creed in some manner bungled the job?
  • Can we assume an Epicurean creed with better success?
  • His adherence to his poetic creed rested on real inspirations.
  • When to belief in a cause is added action in its behalf, the creed lives.
  • The clauses of the Creed are then given with their mathematical parallels.
  • That it was Christ's creed admits of no doubt.
  • As part of their creed they taught that astronomy was opposed by the Bible.
  • The creed of Buddha contains similar traces of elemental worship.
  • To this creed no orthodox Mussulman could well make any objection.
  • The creed of St. Athanasius proved by a mathematical parallel.
  • The Creed of the Philosopher and the Hope of the Christian.
  • Vote for the best man--that was creed enough.
  • Moncrossen thinks Creed burned them--or let someone do it.
  • And damn'd in everlasting bogs, As sure's the creed I'll blunder!

How To Use Creed In A Sentence?

  • The traditions of our creed have been handed down for generations from father to son.
  • Not every faith is strong enough to go through life without some creed to cling to.
  • Did he not come without hurt through the fire when Creed locked him in the burning shack?
  • With a low, animal-like cry Creed sprang away and dashed in the direction of the team.
  • Here we have nothing physical to remind us of any creed but Islamism and Hindooism.
  • Their sacred grove is fallen, their creed is gone; And record none remains save this gray stone!
  • It seems to me that a belief in the great truths of science are fully as essential to salvation, as the creed of any church.
  • It is the bombast and the futile rules of the Asianic creed against which he flings his unsparing scazons.
  • They seated themselves on the ground and engaged in conversation, in which Creed did most of the talking.
  • Professor Serviss is nearer right when he says that converting people to any creed is a thankless task.
  • They take up a contribution, and send the young man to some theological school where he can be taught to repeat a creed and despise reason.
  • Indian soldiers have forgotten their prejudices of race and creed to keep pace with their European comrades.
  • They drank around and Creed returned the bottle to its cache, while the others took their places in the canoe.
  • The plan had been gone over in detail in the little office, and Creed in the edge of the timber stood ready to carry it out.
  • In some of the Native States the ruling families are neither of the same race nor of the same creed as the majority of their subjects.
  • He was aware, in fact, from painful experience that she despised liars, and held a creed that nothing worth a lie was to be found in the world.
  • Now, suppose all this to be admitted, let us consider whether it gives any support to the Calvinistic creed of election.
  • After making sure that I was asleep Creed stole the team as per schedule, but he did not stop at that.
  • After all, Joan was his wife; and in his simple creed wives were bound to love their husbands, else how could they remain wives?
  • Brahminism was finally discarded for the specious promises of Arabian invaders, and the lightly-held faith succumbed to the creed of Islam.
  • The wives and children of some of them were sent for so that their feelings might be worked upon to renounce their creed and live, but this had no effect in shaking their resolution.

Definition of Creed

(transitive, intransitive) To believe; to credit. | (intransitive) To provide with a creed. | That which is believed; accepted doctrine, especially religious doctrine; a particular set of beliefs; any summary of principles or opinions professed or adhered to.
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