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  • You try to creep out of everything.
  • A change or two began to creep into our life.
  • Into it she would creep like a stricken doe.
  • He opened the window carefully and started to creep out.
  • He never knew the hours to creep so slowly.
  • Then, slowly, a change began to creep over her.
  • They were to creep up on the scouts and kill them as they slept.
  • Doubt and knowledge creep about in enforced darknesses and silences.
  • Isaac has not left his room except to creep out sometimes into mine.
  • You must creep through it and let yourself down, right down under the tree.
  • Now, creep along on the edge of the trail until we are well up the ridge.
  • I have been there in daylight, but I had to creep out of it.
  • There--just creep under the couch-chair, lad.

How To Use Creep In A Sentence?

  • What part of the world could we creep into where people would not shrink away from us?
  • Some had to creep back about six thousand miles, and they could only go a few feet a day.
  • The spittal appeared to dry up within his mouth, and his hair to creep and rise upon his head.
  • We left a little low door to creep into, and a porch was before that, made with piles of wood.
  • The railway continues to creep forward, and the first engine made a trial trip to-day upon it.
  • At last I heard it creep into a bag of sugar which had been left on the window sill.
  • They were making arrangements to creep up on us when I thought it time to come back.
  • He had seen Mildred creep from babyhood into childhood, and bud from girlhood to womanhood.
  • Bill quietly pulls Cobus behind him, knits his brow, and prepares to creep forward.
  • It was not likely that the lightning would take the trouble to creep in under the rock and there find me out.
  • By this time a woolly light had begun to creep over the mountain tops, and a light breeze came down from them.
  • The memory of one passionate moment seemed suddenly to creep along his heartstrings like the wind over the strings of a harp.
  • The result showed that an enemy must manage to creep up very close before being observed, to catch us unawares.
  • Following the log wall, they continued to creep on until they arrived midway between two of the flood lights which illuminated the compound.
  • After a prolonged and somewhat painful creep on hands and knees the two men reached the edge of the clump of bushes already referred to.
  • I used to creep in at night and eat them, also some flowers with spiky leaves that grew round them which had a very fine flavour.
  • Philippa became thoughtful as they drew towards the close of their journey and the slow, frosty twilight began to creep down upon the land.
  • Roseen looked up, her blue eyes still drowned in tears, but just the suspicion of a smile beginning to creep about her mouth.
  • The best means of ascertaining this, although it may be only a rough estimate and although errors occasionally creep in is, will they pay?
  • But, as it happened, comedy would creep into the mystery and horror, which she mentally lumped together as agony.
  • Masses of woodland creep down to the edge, and whichever way the eye is turned, green hills form pictures that leave nothing to be desired.
  • To loose the horse from the shafts, to put the oil-cloth over the cart, and to creep underneath the wheels did-not take my friend long.
  • Stay! though the woods are quiet, and you've heard Night creep along the hedges.
  • When he had gone Corinna opened the door and stood watching the long black shadows of the cedars creep over the walk of broken flagstones.
  • In order to get into position to discharge its missile the submarine would have to creep up close to the rim that marked the circle of these destroyers.
  • Without a moment's hesitation Dan began to creep away back, closely followed by Fergus.
  • Seen through the ever-shifting sea mists which creep up from the channel these heights take on an appearance of greater altitude and an added glamour of mystery.

Definition of Creep

(intransitive) To move slowly with the abdomen close to the ground. | (intransitive) Of plants, to grow across a surface rather than upwards. | (intransitive) To move slowly and quietly in a particular direction.
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