Creeping in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Creeping

1. A creeping fear came over them. 🔊

2. The train was barely creeping up to the bridge. 🔊

3. I felt a creeping sensation coming all over me. 🔊

4. The creeping of zinc sulphate salts was very bad. 🔊

5. The owl mother finds a mouse creeping about in the grass. 🔊

6. They were mostly thymes, in every creeping variety. 🔊

7. And I could see the pallor creeping over his face. 🔊

8. Beasts, cattle, every creeping thing, man and woman. 🔊

9. Emmy Lou even felt envy of Hattie creeping into her heart. 🔊

10. What wonder at a creeping ague of the spirit in front of the unknown? 🔊

11. The first faint light of dawn was just creeping up the valley. 🔊

12. And, save the mute and creeping worm, Nought else was there beside. 🔊

How to use Creeping in Sentences?

1. Yard after yard he beat out the flames, thankful that he had to face only a little creeping fire. 🔊

2. What had the beasts, and the creeping things, and the birds done to excite the anger of God? 🔊

3. Far above them Tenlow and Collie could see it creeping round a turn in the road. 🔊

4. The next question is, how many beasts, fowls and creeping things did Noah take into the ark? 🔊

5. Hours afterward, Red Jerry came creeping up from his hiding place, and found her. 🔊

6. Much trouble has been experienced in gravity cells due to the creeping of the salts over the edge of the jar. 🔊

7. The creeping of salts that took place was only around spots where the edges of the seal were loose from the jar. 🔊

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