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  • But a doubt creeps up.
  • Somehow it gave me the creeps to look at them.
  • Kinda gives a man the creeps to think of it.
  • He came to, and creeps about again.
  • A faint, pink glow creeps into her cheeks.
  • A feeling of drowsiness creeps over me; my eyelids droop.
  • On May 2nd, 1916, the rising tide creeps nearer to us.
  • The earth that is dissolved in the water creeps up into the plant.
  • What close and searching scrutiny of motives creeps on with years!
  • He creeps about in self-conceit, transforming his own self-loathing.
  • Dazed, we crouch behind an earthwork while the enemy creeps through the smoke.
  • Now it creeps tow'rds us; help me and say my prayers!
  • After forty years my blood almost creeps as I recall that narrow escape.
  • So creeps ambition on; so climb Man's vaunting thoughts.
  • Then, kindling each decaying part, Creeps back to find the throbbing heart.
  • A flame creeps over Gilead, Unseen, unfelt by any there.
  • Jes you 'ear, Mr. Beecot, and creeps will go up your back.

How To Use Creeps In A Sentence?

  • If you are careless some sort of idea creeps into what you say, and it ceases to be nonsense.
  • In a moment out creeps the obstinate little beast of a black pullet from the opposite clump.
  • To this day," continued another, "this enchantment creeps over me now and then.
  • A feeling of moral health, of tranquillity, of undefined languor, creeps over him by degrees.
  • The algae sometimes creeps up the stems of cuttings, coats the leaves, and covers terminal buds.
  • Another disk, as black as ink, creeps in front of it, and little by little invades it entirely.
  • The Melaleneus continues on this branch creek, which creeps along at the foot of the ranges.
  • I know myself no more; my heart it flutters, And here about it creeps unwonted chillness.
  • The Boy with humming head Looks once again, blows out the light, and creeps to bed.
  • As though in sleep, With footsteps slow, He creeps to where The rye doth grow.
  • PETER (holding on to the wall, creeps out into the porch and calls with a faint voice).
  • While endeavouring to be as complimentary as possible, distrust of his capacities creeps out between the lines.
  • I watch him as he creeps up the tree; and now there are two, and they frolic about and snap at each other.
  • Both are brave enough, and yet the situation is such that a strange feeling creeps over the stoutest heart.
  • Inch by inch the sun creeps up to where they sit, which spot in a few moments will afford shade no longer.
  • A man creeps out on to the platform and slips away through the station, which is dimly lighted by a few petroleum lamps.
  • Of vegetation there is almost none, except a stunted heather which creeps hardily towards the blast hole.
  • From time to time a note of pathos creeps into these old minutes and one catches a glimpse of the trials and struggles of the little company.
  • So it is that war, like a devastating flood, creeps insistent into the most sacred places, and will not be denied.
  • Every now and then she creeps up to the returned wanderer, to surreptitiously pat his sleeve or his cheek, looking unutterable things all the time.
  • Deborah did so, and with such wealth of detail that even the hardened Inspector felt the creeps down his official back.
  • Then he came back again quietly with heavy, dragging steps, as a wounded animal creeps slowly to its lair after a severe and deadly fight.
  • The score creeps up to fifty; the boys begin to look blank; and the spectators, who are now mustering strong, are very silent.

Definition of Creeps

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of creep | plural of creep | (plural only) Fear; anxiety.
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