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Definition of Cremation

A burning; especially the act or practice of cremating the dead, burning a corpse.

How To Use Cremation In A Sentence?

  • Incised dentalia were also found in two of the five cremation circles containing dentalium shells.
  • The cremation circles often contained dentalium shells and bits of shell objects but little else.
  • And Bill had no desire to watch their cremation and the demolition of a splendid plane.
  • Then it struck me a nice plain cremation at Woking was the very thing to keep you quiet.
  • And finally, why did Patrick prepare a forged cremation letter for the destruction of the body?
  • When cremation day comes round again, however, he is dug up, taken to a temple and burned.
  • The Skipper compares the baking of a pie to burial by cremation (if that is not a bull).
  • Barrett reports that cremation was practiced, and the bones placed in a stream to prevent their desecration.
  • Summoning an undertaker and having the cremation letter at hand, he gave orders for speedy cremation.
  • So many dead were found in this limited area that cremation was deemed absolutely necessary to prevent disease.
  • The corpse is dressed in his finest clothes, and drawn to the place of cremation by his favorite deer.
  • These cremation circles were of the usual construction, showed nothing new and contained no specimens.
  • When cremation was used the ashes were deposited in an urn made of rude earthenware without the help of a lathe.
  • The corpse is burnt with wood, and during the cremation the mourners arrange themselves around the fire and chant and dance.
  • No certain time is set for the cremation or for the festivities; this depends altogether upon the magnitude of the preparations.
  • The actual origin of cremation is lost in obscurity, most probably the primary idea was the purification of the body by fire.
  • When the work of cremation was considered to be complete, the fire was extinguished, and an examination made of the residue.
  • The almost total absence of human remains has frequently been remarked, and the theory is advanced that cremation must have been practiced.
  • The cremation which forms the mode of disposing of the bodies of the deceased as practiced in India is far less objectionable.
  • Doctor Kilvington urges the cremation of most of the refuse, and 23 out of 35 health officials consulted by him favored the plan.
  • As we have said the round-headed race introduced the circular barrow, and cremation was their usual, though not exclusive, practice.
  • Another cremation circle containing incised dentalium shells is known as No. 18 (13) and was located on the same terrace.
  • He therefore made preparation to secure such a certificate, and then upon the strength of the cremation letter to give directions for the immediate destruction of the body.
  • The so-called cremation circles near Cherry Creek and near the mouth of the Naches which were mentioned on pp.
  • Among the coast tribes of the Gabun region of West Africa cremation is not known, nor are corpses thrown out on the ground.
  • A granite platform is the base of the funeral pyre, and the bodies wait their turn to be reduced to ashes; and the cremation is far more repulsive than that in our own country.
  • The architect has certainly exhibited much taste in his design for the building, and has provided every convenience in the internal arrangement for carrying on a large business in the cremation line.
  • This suggests that the cremation circles here described, may be the caved-in remains of earth-covered burial lodges built somewhat on the plan of the semi-subterranean winter houses.
  • Shallow cremation circle, 13 feet north and south by 14 east and west (outside); 5 feet north and south by 7 feet east and west (inside).

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cremation | Cremation Sentence

  • Hence the cremation letter.
  • Should cremation be substituted for burial?
  • The cremation was sometimes not very thoroughly performed.
  • Was there to be a cremation in the Browning case?
  • One lot of dentalia found in a cremation circle was charred.
  • In Siam cremation is the general way of disposing of the dead.
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