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  • As a crest or supporter it is of more frequent occurrence.
  • He gazed up at the tattered crest of the tree.
  • The ascent to the crest is by no means arduous.
  • The crest also is a sea-lion.
  • The horseman was twenty yards from the crest of the hill.
  • Near the crest a whirling cloud of mist enveloped them.
  • The crest of his hiding-place was covered with brush.
  • On the crest Collie checked her.
  • When I turned the corner my crest fell.
  • The family of Onslow bear the same for crest and motto.
  • It is the crest of De Burgh.
  • The Crest of Spring 25 VI.
  • Upon the crest is a cultivated forest of all known evergreens.
  • It was nearly dark when he reached the crest between the hills.
  • It occurs as the crest of some Irish families of the name of Kelly.
  • A phoenix issuing from a ducal coronet is the crest of the Duke of Somerset.
  • I don't believe they have advanced beyond the crest of the hill.

How To Use Crest In A Sentence?

  • The motor rose over the crest of a hill, flashed by a farm and slid down an incline.
  • Once landed, trees and bushes at its crest hid them from view except from overhead.
  • As they neared the crest of the first hill, the Captain looked back over his shoulder.
  • At the crest Collie rode on down the winding trail, or rather way, for no regular trail existed.
  • Over the crest of the hill the descent is easy, and here the paving seems to have been discontinued.
  • They were endeavoring to fell the tree so that its crest should drop somewhere on or near the trail toward the new church.
  • Three great spikes jutted along the centre crest of the helmet from the frontal section to the hinges of the fall.
  • It was higher up on the slope of the valley, but its vast trunk and towering crest would not be denied.
  • It was the dexter supporter in the coat-of-arms of Sir Walter Scott, and the crest of Lord Byron.
  • On the crest of the helmet, below the sickle, was a small ridge that looked like the knots of a rope.
  • He did so, and came to a little open space made by the washings which poured over the crest of the rock when the rain descended in torrents.
  • The blackbird swings at the foamy crest of the haw, disturbed by a thousand delights, and notes too few to tell them.
  • Si quietly deployed his boys to the left of the road, and worked them through the brush until they came to the crest overlooking the mill-race.
  • There lay the fallen giant, the greater part of its colossal crest far beyond the extreme end of the demolished building.
  • Dan Anderson drew back from the crest and rolled up his shirt-sleeve above an arm now wet with blood.
  • In his heart Boyce prayed that they could make the crest of the ridge before they passed-out, and there it was.
  • They could see the grass-thatched shed lift and collapse, while a froth of foam cleared the crest of the sand and ran down to the lagoon.
  • He gave a start, however, as his eyes fell on the figure which was rapidly advancing towards them along the irregular crest of the hill.
  • Both reached the crest at the same time, and the teams, wheeling around at a gallop, flung the muzzles of the cannon toward the enemy.
  • Now, for the first time, he realized that the crest of the tree had a vast overhang of foliage on one side, and mighty misshapen limbs.
  • Another twist of the pathway showed the jagged tips of the highest peaks, and just back of that crest rose the roof of the Hospice.
  • Looking down the valley the towering crest of Rodwell's Peak was all that could be seen.
  • Still a-shiver at dawn, I saddled up and loped for the crest of the nearest divide to get the benefit of the first sun-rays.

Definition of Crest

Particularly with reference to waves, to reach a peak. | To furnish with, or surmount as, a crest; to serve as a crest for. | To mark with lines or streaks like waving plumes.
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