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Definition of Cricket

(rare, intransitive) To play the game of cricket. | (sports) A game played outdoors with bats and a ball between two teams of eleven, popular in England and many Commonwealth countries. | (chiefly Britain, usually in negative constructions) An act that is fair and sportsmanlike, derived from the sport.

How To Use Cricket In A Sentence?

  • In school cricket the importance of a good start for the first wicket is incalculable.
  • Then she drew the cricket more securely under her feet, and settled herself to gossip.
  • Except on the cricket field, where he was a natural genius, he was just ordinary.
  • There were three houses in a row, separated from the school buildings by a cricket field.
  • This is the real cricket scent, which calls to one like the very voice of the game.
  • Nothing riles me more than being asked about for my cricket as though I were a pro.
  • Nor were there cricket clubs, or any organised system of sport, except in isolated cases.
  • Focusing his gaze, he saw a dim figure moving rapidly across the cricket field straight for him.
  • And now, on top of all this, the captain of cricket was removed during the Easter holidays.
  • What was it made me cricket snub, And force my seven sons to subsidize a local "Rugby" Club?
  • Never mind about cricket now," said Mr. Jackson; "I want you to listen to this report.
  • The reaches of the placid river lay before them, and the hum of the alert cricket was in their ears.
  • The ball dropped with a thud and a spurting of dust in the road that ran along one side of the cricket field.
  • He took a keen interest in every form of athletic sport, and played both cricket and football for the school.
  • Always in my way," and threw a cricket at me, and then shut the parlor door with a great slam.
  • A cricket captain may seem to be an autocrat of tremendous power, but in reality he has only one weapon, the keenness of those under him.
  • Mike, on the cricket field, could not have looked anything but a cricketer if he had turned out in a tweed suit and hobnail boots.
  • Time, mercifully, generally breaks up a big stand at cricket before the field has suffered too much, and that is what happened now.
  • In school cricket one good batsman, to go in first and knock the bowlers off their length, may take a weak team triumphantly through a season.
  • She loved Pard, for the way he tossed his head and whirled the cricket in his bit with his tongue, and obeyed the slightest touch on the rein.
  • Mike himself, to whom cricket was the great and serious interest in life, had shirked early-morning fielding practice in his first term at Wrykyn.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cricket | Cricket Sentence

  • But the cricket touched him on the raw.
  • A cricket hopped near me.
  • By the way, how are you off for cricket now?
  • My cricket chirps against thy mandolin.
  • A cricket dirging days that soon must die?
  • He had meant to do such a lot for Wrykyn cricket this term.
  • But when the cricket season came, where was I?
  • I've pushed you on at cricket a bit, haven't I?
  • I regard the cricket that chirruped in the wall as an institution.
  • Cries back the cricket 'neath the sill.
  • I spent my half holidays at school in order to play cricket and football.
  • Mike, as he walked to the cricket field, felt very much behind the times.
  • And I'm going to take a cricket stump with me.
  • We had a representation of a cricket match; and the battle of Hastings.
  • Mike soon saw that cricket was by no means an unknown art at Sedleigh.
  • The White Boar stood at the far end of the village, by the cricket field.
  • The house-cap, only worn by members of the House Cricket Eleven.
  • And there's the cricket on the hearth and the teakettle singing.
  • That was how the most sensational day's cricket began that Sedleigh had known.

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