Cringed in a sentence

Definition of Cringed

simple past tense and past participle of cringe

Short Example Sentence for Cringed

  • 1. He cringed before her.
  • 2. Then she cringed as she felt it again.
  • 3. How they had cringed to us.
  • 4. She had ever cringed to the wealthy.
  • 5. They bowed and scraped and cringed before him.
  • 6. Tommy cringed under a furious glare.
  • 7. Vernon cringed away from her in bitter shame.
  • 8. He blenched and cringed before her, muttering incoherently.
  • 9. Neewa saw the shadow, and cringed nearer to his mother.
  • 10. Bill was so embarrassed by the tone that he cringed awkwardly.
  • 11. The public bowed and cringed before these idols of the stage.
  • 12. There were men who had cringed to him, and whom he had rewarded.
  • 13. There were moments when he squinted his eyes and cringed a little.
  • 14. The bitter truth was coming now, and she cringed as she spoke it.
  • 15. Like the wolf and the fox he cringed down, hugging the earth.
  • 16. When they saw what it was, they cringed like a pack of cowards.
  • 17. A third time he howled, and the forest cringed under the reply.
  • 18. The chaplain cringed and bowed, rubbing his thin hands together.
  • 19. Nola cringed and shrank away, and lifted her arms as if to ward a blow.
  • 20. In a low cage to the left more wild beasts cringed and seemed to growl, unfed.
  • 21. They all cringed round him, the cruel little people; but he answered nothing.
  • 22. Let me go!" cringed the Prince.
  • 23. He cringed to Miss Wilson, and hoped that she had escaped a wetting.

How to use Cringed in a Sentence?

  • 1. He cast upon her a glance of such spurning contempt that she cringed before him.
  • 2. It was the way of the world, as she knew, to trample upon those who cringed to it.
  • 3. But to stand by all day and be simpered to, and even cringed to, was galling in the extreme.
  • 4. He cringed a moment, like the coward he was, and then tried to call a smile to his face.
  • 5. In his prison-cage of sapling bars Miki cringed on his belly at the end of his chain.
  • 6. She cringed in the thought of how perhaps what she had given was measured by what this girl could give.
  • 7. The hound cringed before him and whined, as though to exculpate himself; but suddenly his whole attitude changed.
  • 8. He involuntarily cringed from the expected blow, for he had caught a fleeting glimpse of an uplifted tomahawk; but it did not come.
  • 9. The man with the weapon returned it to a holder at his side; the whole group cringed before the power and authority of the new arrival.
  • 10. I looked for awhile at the hypocritical clergyman very steadily, until he cringed like a viper, and turned pale as a ghost.
  • 11. When he learned that the will he had discovered was worthless paper, Wegg lost all his bullying air and cringed before them.
  • 12. They were admitted by an irreproachable housemaid, with a steady eye, before which Kipps cringed dreadfully.
  • 13. But the word had been hasty, and he immediately caught Frank's sleeve and cringed in contrition.
  • 14. Burk was so frightened that he was willing to do anything Ted said, and cringed to the leader of the broncho boys like a thrashed cur.
  • 15. Stryker, who had been standing immediately in the rear of Calendar, immediately cowered and cringed to find himself in the line of fire.
  • 16. The Delaware cringed and pulled at a lock of hair straggling down past his eyes and held out a folded paper, swiftly placing a finger on his lips.
  • 17. His features grew markedly Semitic; he cringed and fawned, as his ancestors had cringed and fawned before fools in power hundreds of years back.