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  • Mirabelle looked at him suddenly, with a curious crinkling of her forehead.

How To Use Crinkling In A Sentence?

  • Quade did not come out rubbing his huge hands, his face crinkling with a sort of exultant satisfaction.
  • The past rose before her at the sight and sound of the water, and the crinkling and circling of the eddies of yellow foam.
  • There is a crinkling of a certain crispy, green foliage, and the colonel withdraws in the midst of civilities.
  • She stopped glaring, started taking notes, smiling, showing me her dimples, her slanted eyes crinkling at the corners.
  • All the pudding has the same flow and the sauce is painful, the tunes are played, the crinkling paper is burning, the pot has a cover and the standard is excellence.

Definition of Crinkling

present participle of crinkle | The act or sound or something being crinkled.
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