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  • The cripple was disarmed.
  • The cripple crossed himself.
  • This cripple seemed to her an acquaintance.
  • The cripple dared not stir.
  • The cripple seemed petrified.
  • The cripple remained astounded.
  • The cripple struggled for a few moments.
  • The only thing for me is a cripple school.
  • She distrusted the cripple profoundly.
  • He was a cripple from every point of the compass.
  • The cripple sat back gazing at it.
  • In the ranks marches a cripple on crutches.
  • The cripple looked at her with evident admiration.
  • But the cripple lived to see other things.
  • Who could beat your old cripple at that?
  • Poor cripple has his honor, too.
  • A poor cripple begs charity!
  • What brooding brown eyes the poor cripple had!
  • The motion reminds you of a cripple sitting in a bowl.
  • They would only call him a cripple and push him aside.
  • He was no longer a cripple confined to one spot.
  • Meanwhile, you have no right to cripple all his energies.
  • One man and a cripple could never get through the winter.
  • He is a blind man with eyes, and a cripple with legs on.
  • I see one cripple who has only one leg left entire.
  • I once knew a little cripple who lay upon her death-bed.
  • Cure of a cripple by Paul.
  • Ellie is a cripple and without Alec what would we do?
  • The cripple at the Pool of Bethesda.
  • I don't mean that he is a cripple or bedridden.
  • I feel sure that the historical will not draw me down or cripple me.
  • His descent from colossus to cripple had an unpleasant effect.
  • This was the place selected and purchased by the cripple for his future home.
  • If they keep on firing we must try to cripple their sailing powers if we can.
  • It took about ten minutes for the chain reaction to cripple the network.
  • On the porch a frail cripple sits in the twilight and looks down the road.

How To Use Cripple In A Sentence?

  • But it is terrible for a cripple when the one person he looks up to laughs at him.
  • Straightway he fell to the ground, the same helpless cripple that he was before.
  • Something had to be done to cripple or engage the rebel armies in that section.
  • Flight in a straightaway course was utterly out of the question with a cripple between his knees.

Definition of Cripple

(now rare, dated) Crippled. | to make someone a cripple; to cause someone to become physically impaired | (figuratively) to damage seriously; to destroy
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