Crisply In A Sentence

Definition of Crisply

In a crisp manner.

How To Use Crisply In A Sentence?

  • Most of the talking was done by Mr. Simeon Belknap, who talked crisply and to the point.
  • The egg nogg will be more easily digested if sipped slowly while eating a cracker or slice of crisply toasted bread.
  • He spoke and taught crisply and decisively, and uttered fine and feeling thoughts with a telling brevity.
  • Or slices of the fried tomatoes may be served on slices of crisply toasted bread over which place a couple tablespoons of the cream dressing.
  • He nodded to one of the first four student pilots, and he crisply made contact with the landing-grid office.
  • In the morning stillness Payne heard light, swift steps creaking crisply upon the crushed shells of the path.
  • Once I remember coming through the eighth floor and suddenly emerging upon a clean, crisply lighted little workshop.
  • The grin had not entirely disappeared when Captain Perez came up, and the latter rather crisply asked what the joke was.
  • He attacked his crisply curling white hair with almost unnecessary violence while his eyes watched the retreating figure of his only son in the reflection of the mirror.
  • Mrs. MacCall should not have tried to eat the crisply fried "crackling" as the farmers call the pork-rind; but she did.
  • She found the much-vaunted young woman, a pretty, slender girl, with crisply curly black hair, honest brown eyes, and a pleasantly simple manner.
  • The answering order was crisply spoken; this was a different Jimmy Maddux from the one who had chaffed the Irish pilot some hours before.
  • He nodded to one of the first four student pilots, who crisply made contact with the landing-grid office, and very efficiently supervised as the grid took the ship up.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Crisply | Crisply Sentence

  • Miriam crisply wanted to know.
  • How crisply it stood out against the dark foliage!
  • The next moment the door shut crisply behind her.
  • Clearly and crisply it saluted me as I entered.
  • The parchment which rustled crisply in his pocket whispered how.
  • Have ready prepared six crisply toasted and buttered slices of stale bread.
  • He was no longer young, and his crisply curling, thick hair was grey.

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