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  • Figures in critical attitudes.
  • This was the critical moment.
  • It was a critical moment.
  • I forgot my own critical position.
  • Stanning became an object of critical interest.
  • In such a critical situation, what measures are allowable?
  • B. Critical discussion.
  • During this critical pause, Carnion returned.
  • She then extended her critical scrutiny to the dress of the others.
  • Kakusuke eyed his late master with critical and unfavourable eye.
  • Had my situation been more critical I could not have resisted it.
  • I told myself that I should have in her a particularly critical auditor.
  • At that critical moment Frank closed the projector and shot on the lights.
  • Surely Vergil was gifted with as much critical acumen as Lucan.
  • I inquired if he had read Carlyle's critical articles and translations.

How To Use Critical In A Sentence?

  • She stood behind him and studied the picture through half-closed critical eyes.
  • At the critical moment when the beaded bubbles were "winking at the brim" came the ring.
  • At that critical moment, a propitious breeze sprang up and carried the Intrepid out of the harbor.
  • The condition of affairs on the Spanish Main was, however, critical and demanded instant redress.
  • Their influence was of the highest value to him in those critical days when his own life was not safe.
  • It contains not one statement that has not been accurately weighed in the critical scales of controversy.
  • And she glanced about her at tiled walls and mosaic floors with a furtiveness that was none the less critical for being so sly.
  • That is, he had seen enough of the duties of high position to be critical of the ladies who performed them.
  • Such faculties are powers in a hierarchy of means and ends and presuppose a normative or critical function which has classified reality.
  • Many days are not passed since we have seen a set of men brought forth by your rulers for a most critical function.
  • It was enough for him that he had been able at a critical juncture to do, and do successfully, the work that stood ready to his hand.
  • He crawled up the ore chute into the bin, and cast a critical gaze upon the rock heaped up close to the crusher.
  • All currents above this critical amount will operate the arrester; the larger the current, the shorter the time of operating.
  • His gaze was deceptive, for the rollicking old bibulous scoundrel had not stirred his critical sense nor impressed the delicate films of thought.
  • She sang the Page's song, which had been hers in her first appearance on a critical stage.
  • Nest after nest Dicksie had the mortification of seeing deserted at critical moments and left to furred prowlers of the foothills and canyons.
  • It forgets; it flatly ignores orders; at the critical moment when pressure is highest, it simply lights a cigarette and goes out for a walk.
  • She had merely added a pair of eye-glasses to her tip-tilted critical nose and there was, perhaps, an extra spark of dry humor in her pale eyes.
  • The Jabberwocks and others took a good deal of critical interest in Joan's house.
  • Then I could see that she accepted anything we might bestow upon her as her due, and was becoming critical of the value and quality of the gift.
  • It was necessary that this should be thoroughly understood and emphasized, so that every soldier should be in perfect readiness at the critical moment.
  • The drug of Suian, at the time anyhow, made her less conscious of the alarmed critical feeling which heralded the inception of the attacks.
  • I was at great pains to give my philosophical, political, and social matter the best literary and critical backing we could get in London.
  • Knowledge came more and more to be identified with the reflective and critical consciousness, which is outside reality and life, and judges it from a standpoint of its own.
  • The "Yotsuya Kwaidan" in the stage representation presents a number of critical scenes in which both qualities are severely strained.

Definition of Critical

Inclined to find fault or criticize | Pertaining to, or indicating, a crisis or turning point. | Extremely important.
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