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  • How they would criticize me!
  • And he proceeded to criticize his benefactress.
  • This does not mean that we must never criticize the church.
  • He handed me the draft of it and asked me to criticize it freely.
  • How silly it would be to criticize a cyclone because it is not a zephyr!
  • It caused the junior man to severely criticize his own restlessness.
  • Partly it is because we might wish to modify or criticize our current system.
  • My rapid eye takes in more than my judgment can criticize or my memory retain.
  • I criticize not only Tiko-Brahi, but also Kepler and Newton . . . .
  • But it was not Calhoun's function to criticize when it could be avoided.
  • But it was not Calhoun's function to criticize when it could be avoided.
  • It wouldn't be now, when chaps criticize the 'nymphery' if they go to a dance!

How To Use Criticize In A Sentence?

  • What right have we to criticize the doings of people so much wiser than we are?
  • They began to criticize all sorts of things which they had believed in and reverenced before.
  • Expand the following arguments into syllogisms and criticize their soundness: a.
  • It was not in me just then to criticize the evasion, or pick out the sophistry from the truth.
  • He could not criticize his superior officer before a subaltern, but he was tempted to.
  • One does not criticize common sense unless one is anxious for the reputation of a crank.
  • Fathers criticize the public schools but never take the time to go and look inside one.
  • They were his men and he might criticize them, but no one else might except a superior officer.
  • But then, it isn't for you to criticize him, Nellie, for you've taken them in yourself.
  • Most people that criticize Luther for his strong speech have read little else of Luther.
  • When a story is about God and a child, children take God for granted and criticize the child.
  • If that was true, we can find nothing to criticize in him, because he gave them a market for their product.
  • To criticize verse without giving quotations is to leave one largely in ignorance of the quality of the verse.
  • He began to see that the lot of a constructive statesman is trying; he would never criticize leaders again.
  • Some of our employes have gone so far as to criticize head office indiscriminately in the matter of salaries, etc.
  • I can realize how easy it is to sit in a club window, and criticize the people passing along the street.
  • She was not afraid to criticize the minister, or to repeat week by week the story of her conversion in her ninth year.
  • Our author, having expounded this doctrine with much precision, proceeds to criticize it with equal sagacity.
  • Nothing appears more ridiculous in the eyes of a sensible man than for one denomination to criticize another whose creed is equally foolish.
  • The fact that he was a poor man was the only mitigating circumstance, leaving it open to the more captious to criticize the lady sharply.
  • They have shown on numerous occasions that they can be friends of Luther, and yet criticize him or dissent from him.
  • Those who criticize missionaries as forcing the Christian religion upon unwilling peoples know not whereof they speak.
  • This figure appears on general grounds to be plausible, but I have not the knowledge to endorse or to criticize it.
  • The child is more ready and more able to criticize its parents; indeed, the whole generation is critical, has acquired the habit of introspection.
  • We do not criticize Alexander for conquering the eastern perils, for he carried in his phalanxes the spirit of new-discovered thought.
  • But those who, for various reasons, criticize the central Government are by no means necessarily in favour of setting up a separate one.
  • To criticize with the spell of Madame Okraska's personality upon one was hardly possible.
  • For neither mistakes nor misconduct can we criticize or condemn them without a similar criticism or condemnation of various experiences in our own history.

Definition of Criticize

To find fault (with something). | To evaluate (something), assessing its merits and faults.
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