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  • The Crocus 18 IV.
  • The turf is starred with lilac gentian and crocus bells, but sparely.
  • On receiving an early crocus and some violets in a letter from Ireland.
  • I sometimes think that the Crocus is less cared for than it deserves.
  • And the crocus said: "No, you are not the flower of God.

How To Use Crocus In A Sentence?

  • The crocus is not a spendthrift, but a hardy plant; its yellow is not gold, but saffron.
  • Into my sight through the irised, crocus mist swam the radiant body of Norhala!
  • And his way took him along the highway that stretched from Crocus to the gates of Chickaree.
  • Beyond them the lane opened into a field and a clear lake of crocus sky cast a dim light into the shadow where they stood.
  • The braids of her yellow hair were bound in wreaths, and on one side of her head a saffron crocus was stuck with the bell downward.
  • Up from its floor arose hundreds of tremendous, square pillars down whose polished sides the crocus light seemed to flow.
  • The crocus light of after-glow still tinged the west, where the sickle of a new moon swung, when the visitor rose to depart.
  • Bulbs when they go to sleep require no attention, I believe; but our Crocus wants most of all in the cold season.
  • The crocus works among the mould As eagerly as those that crown The Warwick spring in flame and gold.
  • The chip-bird trills from the apple-tree; Blossoms are bursting and leaves renewing, And the crocus darts up the spring to see.

Definition of Crocus

(Jamaican, Trinidad and Tobago) Burlap.
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