Crossbar In A Sentence

Definition of Crossbar

(transitive) To mark with a pattern of transverse bars. | Any transverse bar or piece, such as a bar across a door, or the iron bar or stock which passes through the shank of an anchor. | (sports) The top of the goal structure.

How To Use Crossbar In A Sentence?

  • To make a point the ball must be tossed so as to hang on the crossbar of the wicket.
  • In beginning wide strips of the inner bark are hung from their centre over a crossbar of wood which is supported at either end by an upright beam.
  • On some Phenician monuments there is to be seen, super-added to the cone, a horizontal crossbar on the middle of which rests a handle.
  • One of the teams is summoned; a rope is attached from the crossbar to the deadly horns; the whips are applied, and the dead monarch of the farm disappears with the galloping horses.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Crossbar | Crossbar Sentence

  • It should require a crossbar socket and a lot of muscle.

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