Crossing In A Sentence

How To Use Crossing In A Sentence?

  • Did you know there are two men out at the crossing now, guarding it with rifles?
  • We had dinner almost ready when we heard the wheels crossing the mossy log bridge.
  • Further, the actual breadth of the river gave no idea of the difficulty of crossing it.
  • Made of 2 layers of transverse strips of rubber proofed material, crossing each other diagonally.
  • He was already crossing the mountains beyond which lay the Italy of his dreams.
  • She turned to go upstairs, and Betty crossing the threshold stood a moment irresolute.
  • The road, after crossing the bridge, was narrow, and ran between two hills, both thickly wooded.
  • I have ridden on pleasanter missions than the one that took us to Stony Crossing that day.
  • A man passing out of the shadow of a shade tree was crossing Fort Street a hundred feet away.
  • Bolivar now conceived the idea of crossing the Cordillera and reconquering New Granada.
  • But, before the crossing had well begun, the saddest event of the Tibet Expedition had occurred.
  • The three larrikins caught up with Stinky and the girl as they were crossing into Belmore Park.
  • Long-stapled cottons have been produced in the States by crossing Upland and Sea Island cotton.
  • Built March, 1911, with a view to crossing the Atlantic from the Canaries to the Antilles.
  • As soon as these contrivances were in working order, which was not long, the crossing proceeded at a pace which exceeded our expectations.
  • And as he watched her crossing the street with a quick, alert step, an intense yearning and loneliness came over him.
  • But, they added, there should be no going back into the city, no delay on the morrow in crossing the river.
  • Her moving outlines dissolved into a misty coloured shimmer of a woman made of flame and shadows, crossing the threshold of his house.
  • McCloud looked at her, as if still unable to comprehend what she had accomplished in crossing the flooded bottoms.
  • We had almost reached the cascades and were crossing a little bowl-like valley, when an elk calf leaped out of the snow and ran a few yards.
  • Here lines crossing the fabric are not satisfactory, as they become rings around the body, which appear to divide it into hoop-like strata.
  • He kept on, crossing the length of the room; it seemed to pass through the substance of the door, and yet he saw it beyond.
  • The country was solitary and secure; and in a short time I beheld the shepherd at a distance crossing the plain.
  • I missed these functions, having been sent on ahead to the Tsangpo, where preparations for the return crossing were now afoot.
  • But owing to the frequent necessity of crossing the treacherous Gila the men, and many of the women, were good swimmers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Crossing | Crossing Sentence

  • At once on crossing the bridge there was a change.
  • It was like the crossing of flies in the air.
  • The speed of the crossing exceeded all hopes.
  • Was there any way of crossing over to the opposite bank?
  • The crossing of that bridge took till late into the night.
  • Pinkey was crossing the lawn with the obvious intention of joining him.
  • We were crossing the bar at the entrance of Boulogne harbour.
  • He showed this to Clara while they were crossing in the boat to Mosman.
  • It is seventy miles in an air-line from Stony Crossing to the fort.
  • Gardner escaped; escaped at the crossing of the Yadkin River.
  • I heard that he escaped at the crossing of the Yadkin River two weeks ago.
  • Compare Tennyson's Crossing the Bar.
  • Stony Crossing 58 VII.
  • The little ship was crossing the Gulf of Bothnia toward the coast of Sweden.

Definition of Crossing

(rare) Extending or lying across; in a crosswise direction. | present participle of cross | An intersection where roads, lines, or tracks cross
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