Crosspieces in a sentence

Definition of Crosspieces

plural of crosspiece

How to use Crosspieces in a Sentence?

  • We spaced them apart about 28 inches, and connected them with four crosspieces at the top.
  • As an additional security, a pair of crosspieces were now run under the canoe at each end and fastened with screws to the keel.
  • The stretcher consists of two short pieces of bamboo forced apart and so held by two short crosspieces inserted between them.
  • This entrenchment was constructed of beams and crosspieces of timber, the spaces between being filled with old cordage and dilapidated sails.
  • When not in use a loop on the handle was dropped over the end of one of the forward crosspieces of the komatik, and its lash trailed behind in the snow.
  • The runners were now placed over our larger canoe, with forward ends about on a line with the mast, and the crosspieces were fastened with screws to the gunwales.
  • A pair of screw eyes were now threaded into the backbone at each side about 18 inches from the end, and at each end of the crosspieces an eye bolt was fastened.
  • Resting upon crosspieces nailed to the rough beams overhead were half a dozen muzzle loading guns, and some dog harness hung on the wall at one side.

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