Crouched In A Sentence

Definition of Crouched

Marked with, bearing, or wearing the sign of the cross. | simple past tense and past participle of crouch

How To Use Crouched In A Sentence?

  • The girl dropped to the ties and lay crouched with her face against the steel rail.
  • He crouched in terror, and then sprang up and clicked his tongue in amazed recognition.
  • In a lofty window of the north wing crouched a white-faced girl and a grim old man.
  • It cut and lashed our faces as we crouched flat upon the deck, clinging where we could.
  • Without a word to Faith she ran straight to where the bear was crouched over the basket.
  • One of the waiting-women told the Princess of the strange being who crouched outside.
  • At the word of command, the dog crouched down, his whole body quivering with excitement.
  • The junk swung out, closed in with a smart smack, and the giant on her deck crouched to spring.
  • Fatima was crouched down near Lucy, listening to the history of a piece of lace.
  • The old Kurd made a great fire on the dais, wood being plentiful, and crouched over it.
  • In the doorway, crouched and rocking back and forth, sat Mataara, the old queen.
  • And close in the hidden meadow crouched Romance, Romance ragged, unkempt, jocular....
  • It crouched motionless and blind in the mud and from its pulsing expanded throat vibrated the demonic croaking.
  • The stranger staggered across the hut and crouched down against the opposite wall, breathing in short hurried pants.
  • The girl who crouched beside him was there to designate a certain figure in the ever-changing mass of humanity on the bloody parade ground.
  • He crouched and leaped with all his strength, but the rope was too strong and he fell with a thud to the floor, where he panted heavily.
  • There are many nights when you and I are warm and comfortable that these unhappy swallows are crouched shivering under the eaves.
  • He joined the others, who crouched behind the cabin, holding on with their hands and made doubly secure by rope-lashings.
  • These miserable creatures lay or crouched before their doors, and stretched their mutilated hands out towards us, begging for alms.
  • She was sure it was the Durant burglar, and she dropped to the floor cautiously, and crouched there.
  • The woman crouched over the prostrate man, stroking the bruised limbs with a stupid, mechanical movement as an animal licks its wounded mate.
  • Crop was as much astonished as I was, and he crept to my feet and trembled like a coward, as he crouched beside them.
  • At the fireplace, in which were a few embers, crouched an old woman, a personification of age, poverty, and starvation.
  • Rosalie and I looked at them after dinner, but Perry crouched over the fire and coughed at intervals.
  • The Mole came and crouched beside him, and, looking out, saw the wood that had been so dreadful to him in quite a changed aspect.
  • The girl crouched down in the cabin, and Peter, with his automatic in his hand, waited for another tell-tale puff of blue smoke.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Crouched | Crouched Sentence

  • She crouched down in the canoe and waited.
  • Nearer, he crouched behind a bush.
  • The sophomores crouched like savage warriors in ambush.
  • I crouched white and still, saying not a word.
  • Thus encouraged, Billie took the gun and crouched low.
  • Haidee and Christiane de Vervanne were crouched close by.
  • Serenely Fate crouched near him, patient, impassive....
  • The maddened panther had crouched again after landing close to the fire.
  • Reaching the animal, he crouched and bit one of his heels sharply.
  • She crouched down by the dying fire, and covered her face with her hands.
  • There he was, crouched behind his log, and still waiting for me.
  • He threaded one on his hook, crouched down, and cautiously drew near the bank.
  • The Orakzai Pathan crouched among the women, and the women grinned.
  • Foley, Tom, and Hildey crouched low, and drew the little girl closer.
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