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How To Use Croupier In A Sentence?

  • The card was the king of hearts, and the croupier raked in the little bit of paper.
  • She might have been the croupier and they the gamblers who had thrown upon the table their last stake.
  • The very antipodes to the 'bonhomie' of this figure, confronted him as croupier at the foot of the table.
  • Soft-footed, wooden-faced Chinese mozos glided about, and the whining monotone of the croupier came from a distant corner.
  • He did go there, and I've a notion that the croupier of Pipesandbeersbad made something that night out of the Major's preoccupation.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Croupier | Croupier Sentence

  • The croupier blinked only slightly.
  • He they called Croupier was among them.
  • Vijftig" zei hij en de croupier knikte.
  • Another croupier with his rake pulled it off again ... and stuck to it.
  • The croupier who'll be on at ten o'clock has a sort of double squint.
  • Sam Wilcox gathered the chips pushed toward him by the croupier and cashed in.

Definition of Croupier

The person who collects bets and pays out winnings at a gambling table, such as in a casino. | One who, at a public dinner party, sits at the lower end of the table as assistant chairman.
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