Crowding In A Sentence

Definition of Crowding

present participle of crowd | The act by which somebody is crowded.

How To Use Crowding In A Sentence?

  • But they burned our abandoned car in sheer ill temper before crowding us into their own.
  • Many thoughts came crowding in upon him as he worked vigorously in the hole assigned to him.
  • There was no rush nor hurry, no bickering nor envying, no crowding nor thieving there.
  • They gave Jane and her basket vociferous greeting, crowding round her and buying eagerly.
  • Out of the crowding of the mills in one locality sprang the business specialism which has continued up to the present day.
  • Blows were necessary to prevent the crowding aboard of that mob of people whom neither shouts nor threats could stop.
  • She hung her head as if desolate memories were crowding between him and her, and he saw that moisture glistened in her eyes.
  • His mental furnishing looks old-fashioned and faded to the generation which is crowding about him with its new patterns and fresh colors.
  • Coloured tenants stand crowding better than white ones, and they will pay a better rent for worse housing.
  • The people there showed much interest in our movements, crowding on the roofs to see our gear, and the start.
  • He could see that they were crowding through a low, narrow passage, the earthen sides of which reeked with moisture.
  • A long-sparred vessel could be seen, relieved against the black bank of clouds, that were crowding down the horizon.
  • So we naturally took the last one, all three of us crowding on to the rear seat in order to watch the cabs in front.
  • And the dancers sat round the wall, crowding in the little room, faint with the transport of repeated ecstasy.
  • It was a good give-and-take talk, extraordinarily refreshing after the nonsense and crowding secondary issues of the electioneering outside.
  • When Eustace opened his eyes he found himself lying flat on his back with these people crowding inquisitively around.
  • Other freshmen came crowding into the corner, and Ditson saw himself regarded with scorn and contempt by everybody.
  • The old palace still stood in its place, with its high crowding roofs, and shadows, and twinkling vanes.
  • Street-cars passed in a solid line, with passengers hanging to the straps, bulging out of the windows, crowding on to the roofs.
  • It means in some cases the sacrifice of the children's education, the crowding of the home with lodgers, or the mother's going out to work.
  • There were no animals to be seen, only these pollard-trees at intervals, and the spires of Cambridge crowding in the mist.
  • The people came crowding around to watch, while I began stripping the tree of its more enduring fruits.
  • But the Jago in flesh and blood still lives, and is crowding into neighbourhoods already densely over-populated.
  • A man brushed suddenly past me, threw open the outer door, and shouted to the guards, who were already crowding into the room.
  • Then more runners, until the street seemed alive by magic, slaves and old men all crowding to the Agora.
  • Then a warrior came and led the captives out of doors, through a long passage that opened between two rows of crowding Indians.
  • At the present, however, my capital is tied up in various enterprises, and I am really crowding myself to raise this.
  • Vos Engo, with drawn sword, was crowding up to the carriage door, shouting words of rejoicing at sight of the girl he loved.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Crowding | Crowding Sentence

  • What are you crowding in here for?
  • There is some crowding in the doorway.
  • The surprising thing was the source of that crowding out.
  • The others enter and stand crowding in the doorway.
  • He walked rapidly out, crowding roughly past the maid.
  • I exclaimed, crowding still closer, or at least trying to.
  • They're crowding together!
  • These and other similar puzzling thoughts came crowding through her brain.
  • Soon every human being on the place was crowding around the stable.
  • He took her arm and turned to the people still crowding to speak to her.
  • All hurry to the door, crowding and jostling in their struggle to get out.
  • The passengers were crowding forward now, preparing to go ashore.

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