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  • The rooster crowed as if glad to be nearing the earth.
  • The boy nodded, and then crowed like a rooster once more.
  • He crowed valiantly, to greet this splendid, blazing dawn.
  • He crowed valiantly, to greet this splendid, blazing dawn.
  • A rooster, early astir, crowed somewhere in the distance.
  • He crowed again and yet again, because he was anxious and disturbed.
  • He crowed again and yet again, because he was anxious and disturbed.
  • Then he crowed scornfully, turned about, and resumed his lonely quest.
  • Then, of a sudden, he flapped his two arms and crowed like a rooster.
  • Wee babes in arms crowed and laughed, boys romped, girls danced.
  • Thaine Aydelot crowed and stretched his little legs and threw out his hands.
  • Even when a baby, Susie laughed and crowed from morning till night.
  • Vernon crowed triumphantly as he raked in the pot, but Willa scarcely heard.
  • The car is here all right," crowed Devar joyously.
  • He crew and he crowed till he fell in the road, O cock-a-doodle-doo!
  • He crowed before Peter's second denial (Mark xiv, 68).
  • He shook the pass under the trooper's nose and crowed with satisfaction.
  • And the way he crowed over me made my hands itch for a rope's end.
  • You'll see!" crowed Benny.

How To Use Crowed In A Sentence?

  • Lute crowed vaingloriously over his own good judgment in leaving for home early.
  • A rooster somewhere woke with the abrupt foolishness of his kind and crowed four times.
  • Nobody guessed it, for the hen crowed by mistake; but it received great applause.
  • He chinked and crowed with laughing delight, and clutched at her cap, and pulled it off.
  • One of the flap-hatted riders dropped his reins, drummed with his elbows, and crowed lustily.
  • And the way they crowed and bragged about their "finds" wa'n't fit to put in the log.
  • She crowed with delight at Matthias' approach, and at Mary's suggestion he took a seat beside us.
  • Such a vociferous, discordant collection of birds had never fought and crowed themselves into public notice.
  • No sooner did they feel themselves fairly on their feet than both crowed triumphantly, eying each other with fell intent.
  • The conqueror, flying up to a high wall, flapped his wings and crowed exultingly with all his might.
  • The little girl had crowed and clapped her hands during our struggle, all unconscious of the dreadful event of which it was a juvenile travesty.
  • The Shanghai had rashly ventured into supposed neutral ground in that alley and had crowed once too often.
  • The woman was suckling them all, and all crowed alternately, so that they made the bare floors and walls light up as with pictures.

Definition of Crowed

simple past tense and past participle of crow
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