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  • Incarnation or crucifixion merely?
  • She takes her crucifixion so gloriously.
  • The crucifixion hour had come.
  • Surely it means crucifixion on the embankment.
  • Since the crucifixion he has often changed his clothes.
  • It requires a crucifixion to drink in all its saltness.
  • The miniature of the Crucifixion is very remarkable.
  • A drawing of the Crucifixion at the beginning.
  • A Crucifixion occupies the central position.
  • At the crucifixion of Jesus wonderful miracles took place.
  • The Condemnation and Crucifixion of Christ.
  • The crucifixion that is to sanctify us is an accomplished fact.
  • The sunset tonight was a glorious crucifixion after the day of clouds.
  • The severity of this last creed fitted the crucifixion of his spirit.
  • But a Crucifixion is of itself not at all what the artist meant.
  • In His crucifixion He thus reveals the law of sanctification.
  • The reredos, alabaster and mosaic, has a fine crucifixion group, with SS.
  • From this it would follow that the Crucifixion took place on April 3, A.D. 33.

How To Use Crucifixion In A Sentence?

  • And he whom they had appointed for crucifixion declared this as an undoubted truth.
  • The threat of crucifixion he then held out to his captors he afterwards fulfilled.
  • This is your proof why the next day after the crucifixion could not be the Sabbath.
  • I left my seat after this, and loitered outside till the Crucifixion scene was on.
  • Soon after the Crucifixion his subjects lodged a complaint against him at Rome.
  • Some critics have been surprised that he did not take the Crucifixion or the Resurrection.
  • And how can the crucifixion which leads to Holiness and to God be accomplished in us?
  • For how should He, by the crucifixion of a phantasm, which I believed Him to be?
  • But the most revolting feature of death by crucifixion was that the torture was deliberately prolonged.
  • The scene is 'The Crucifixion of Christ', and she is represented lying at the foot of the Cross.
  • In the last chapter we saw the impressions made by the crucifixion on the different groups round the cross.
  • If the guilty man could not be found, his punishment was made certain by the crucifixion of all the slaves of the murdered man.
  • With what consummate art the darkness of the Crucifixion is made to accentuate the horror of the event!
  • Not by crucifixion of the body, not by suffering or disappointment, but by complete and harmonious culture, can this be accomplished.
  • I know women who are slowly killing themselves by inducing unnatural diseases through the denial and crucifixion of Nature.
  • The incidents of the crucifixion are avoided, as the work is intended only to illustrate the human career of Jesus.
  • We should always remember that the Crucifixion was an exceedingly popular event, and in no quarter more so than among the virtuously indignant.
  • Was the crucifixion but a memory of those darker cults and blood sacrifices of Asia, and also of the expiating goats sent out into the wilderness?
  • Edward played the recital; the story of Calvary, the crucifixion and the mourning women, and the march of soldiers.
  • A crucifixion which is merely painful, as many primitive crucifixions are, or merely disgusting, as many later ones are, is so far a failure.
  • This period of wealth and prosperity was also rendered most, memorable for Jerusalem by the ministry and crucifixion of Christ.
  • One special indignity connected with the punishment of crucifixion was that the condemned man had to carry on his back through the streets the cross upon which he was about to suffer.

Definition of Crucifixion

An execution by being nailed or tied to an upright cross and left to hang there until dead. | (military, historical, colloquial) The military punishment of being tied to a fixed object, often with the limbs in a stretched position. | (absolute use, often capitalized: The Crucifixion) The death on the Cross of Christ.
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