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  • That crumbles in your furnaces!
  • Full of crumbles and lumps.
  • It is yellow with age, and crumbles to the touch.
  • And his Dominion crumbles at the Base.
  • A piece of ice set in the summer sunshine crumbles into separate crystals.
  • His poetic force crumbles away, his uniqueness becomes extinguished.

How To Use Crumbles In A Sentence?

  • The whole winter architecture of the mountains crumbles to ruins before the burning desert wind.
  • The mud dried on his clumsy boots crumbles off in great flakes on my polished floor.
  • In dry weather the fibre of the grass crumbles away in dust and the tussock turns black.
  • Lime, when it has been slacked, crumbles to powder, from being deprived of cohesion.
  • He will always be as rigid as he is now Until he crumbles away in a dust heap.
  • Take away this doctrine of Biblical infallibility, and orthodoxy crumbles to dust.
  • Then the house behind him crumbles to the ground, with the wicked Jasper in its ruins....
  • Everything that we do to the soil that loosens and crumbles the surface tends to check the loss of water by evaporation from the soil below.
  • Think of syphilis as a medical and a sanitary problem, and its last line of defense crumbles before our attack.
  • In many cases the copper alloy base crumbles into black powder, leaving only the flakes of the plating.
  • When coal dust is absolutely dry, it crumbles into finer and finer dust, until at last the particles are so small that they float in the air.
  • After rushing earthwards for two or three thousand feet, the whole aeroplane crumbles up and you see the main portion falling like a stone.
  • The idol momentarily set up, often for political reasons, crumbles in time into the dust from which its limbs were perhaps originally moulded.
  • Sometimes they fall back on a stratum that crumbles away from behind them more easily: but then again they have to roll over rock that yields to them scarcely more perceptibly than the anvil to the serpent.
  • Each person now grasps her kay-kay with one hand at the middle and the other near the sharpened end and with it rapidly crumbles and spreads about the new-turned soil.
  • If ganister or fire brick is used it just crumbles away, and besides this, the plaguey particles of phosphorus will rush into it and tear it all to pieces.
  • The action of both sulphuric acid and ammonia is, undoubtedly, to destroy the fibre of leather, so that it crumbles to meal or falls apart in flakes.
  • There is no inconsiderable peril in riding over this broken ground; for the soil crumbles away, and the ravines open downward, treacherously masked with brushwood.

Definition of Crumbles

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of crumble | plural of crumble
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