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  • So terribly did the teeth crunch and grind together that it seemed they must crash into fragments.
  • I can still hear the squeak and crunch of snow under foot, and see the glare of it.
  • Followed the rattle of stones, the soft crunch of the sand dying slowly away into silence.
  • So munch on, crunch on, take your nuncheon, Breakfast, dinner, supper, luncheon!
  • After he had been pacing for what seemed to him a long time, he heard voices and the crunch of snow.
  • The crunch of wheels in the road now startled her from her profitless excursions among the mist of visions and dreams.
  • And these had come all the way without the stroke of a piston or the crunch of a paddle-wheel or a pound of steam.
  • At the same moment she caught the crunch of footsteps on the stone path that led to the arbor and crouched low behind it.
  • Wrentz saw it crawl along the ditch and heard the crunch of broken bushes as the huge creature clambered up the cliff.
  • Muskwa heard the clash of them; he heard the grind of teeth on teeth, the sickening crunch of bone.
  • Then at last there came to her the sound of voices raised in farewell, the crunch of wheels below her window, the loud banging of a door.
  • She heard him step off the porch to the path, she heard the soft crunch of his feet in the sandy gravel as he went away toward the stable.
  • He heard the crunch of the gravel beneath flying footsteps, the rustle of a skirt, a little half-subdued cry!
  • There came a light crunch of wheels on the red kunker drive outside and a switch past the bunch of sword ferns that grew beside the door.
  • It was almost midnight, but it seemed like a week to the boys, when the cracking of twigs and the crunch of feet warned of the approach of men.
  • Then, the man turned sharply, and Hetty gasped as she heard the crunch of footsteps in the snow below.
  • I remembered to jump off the ground as the blow went home; there was a sickening crunch of bone and muscle as Thorndyke caved forward to the floor.
  • Tansey clutched at Torres, and, for a moment, felt in his grasp the crunch of velvet and the cold facets of the glittering gems.
  • One swipe of those paws, or one crunch of the great jaws might cripple Lew for life, or even kill him outright.
  • Where there were application-blanks to be filled in she would pore inkily over them and, after a while, slyly crunch hers up in her hand and steal out.
  • Indeed, we have latterly come to a weary sense of annoyance when the familiar crunch informs us that two motorists have simultaneously claimed the right of way.
  • Peggy had scarcely taken her position near a bare thicket when she heard the crunch of wheels over the snow, and soon the ox cart appeared down the road.
  • Deep back in his fortress, Miki heard the crunch of Le Beau's feet in the snow.
  • She sped to the other window, the one that stood open, and now she heard the crunch of gravel and the champ of bits and the sound of more than two pairs of hoofs.
  • And, after the orange, she had a finger-bowl with a little sprig of rose-geranium she could crunch between her fingers till it sent out a heavenly odour.
  • It was quite dark now, and no sound on the prairie but the triumphant howl of the wind and the dry crunch of our overshoes on the snow, slipping, stumbling.
  • Marta and Westerling watched him as he hobbled around the corner of the house and in a heavy silence listened to the crunch of his crutch tips on the gravel growing fainter.
  • Mary Warren heard the crunch of wheels, heard the thump of her valise as Sim Gage caught it up and threw it into the back of the buckboard.
  • As she stepped aside to lift the basket into which the sodden garments had fallen from the wringer, her foot chanced to crunch upon something that yielded with a crisp rustle, and she glanced down.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Crunch | Crunch Sentence

  • She heard the crunch of wheels in the gravel.
  • There was the crunch on the frozen ground of many feet.
  • Good to crunch with a Bombay Duck in place of a cracker.
  • Could the iron heel of despotism crunch such a spirit of liberty as that?
  • No mongrel cur in the capital but had a sweeter bone to crunch than he.
  • She heard the familiar crunch of five against three on the gravel.
  • As he did this he heard a slight crunch as of a foot upon the gravel.
  • With a single crunch of his jaws he broke the back of the foremost hunter.
  • Yea, verily, while we have a heel to crunch with and a leg to grind it home.
  • But now I'll crunch it so that she'll only have the empty bag left!
  • The fox caught him, and I heard her sharp white teeth crunch into his bones.

Definition of Crunch

To crush something, especially food, with a noisy crackling sound. | To be crushed with a noisy crackling sound. | (slang) To calculate or otherwise process (e.g. to crunch numbers: to perform mathematical calculations). Presumably from the sound made by mechanical calculators.
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