Cry In A Sentence

How To Use Cry In A Sentence?

  • Nora was the first to see him and rushed forward with a little cry of surprise.
  • She would have liked to put her head down on his shoulder and simply cry till she was comforted.
  • There came a wail from beyond that made her shiver, the cry of a man in mortal terror.
  • With a cry of delight I seated myself, seized the ropes, and gave a vigorous push.
  • Dame Apafi, with a sob and a cry of boundless joy, rushed to the door which already stood ajar.
  • Then they heard a little protesting cry from Helen, and a good-humoured laugh from Richard.
  • Aye, and if you knew The gift he sends to be compar'd with this, You'd cry alas, indeed!
  • Was it possible that he had perished in endeavouring to obey his master's cry for aid?
  • Cloete hears him cry out as though he had hurt himself, and asks what's the matter.
  • She stooped to see what it was; then with a cry of mingled surprise and terror she snatched it from the ground.
  • Byrne stepped eagerly into it, whereupon the person outside leaped with a stifled cry away into the night.
  • This was not greatly unlike the sound which had so recently affrighted my own ears; but then owls rarely cry in the daytime.
  • The valley was silent, save for the hoarse cry of a magpie among the trees and the rush of a stream in the distance.
  • The boy at once rushed from the field to the fortified post near by to tell his story, and a hue and cry was soon raised.
  • His cry had startled his companion at the wheel, who took it as a signal of warning of some sort, and he instantly shut down on speed.
  • The little children cry out for joy if they chance to find an occasional scarlet or mottled maize knob among so many yellow ones.
  • It was amazingly fond of his children, one of which, having fallen on the gravel and hurt itself, began to cry out.
  • There came a faint answering cry, far-off and indistinct, but unmistakably the cry of a human voice.
  • Patricia had a vision of a fascinating, elegant creature with sorrowful eyes and plenty of furs, and she gave a little cry of expectation.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cry | Cry Sentence

  • The cry was now for passports.
  • A cry of exultation broke from him as he did so.
  • And then with a cry he staggered to his feet.
  • From the spectators there burst a cry of horror.
  • An involuntary cry of surprise escaped him.
  • They heard him utter a cry of dismay.
  • O hear my cry and guard my love.
  • He let her go before she could cry out.
  • I believe he did cry at odd times.
  • Mary sprang towards him with a cry of deep distress.
  • Ulric hurried towards him, with a cry of joy.
  • Wolfert gave a loud cry and let fall the lanthorn.
  • And every now and then the cry of Death!
  • To cry that Wales is free!
  • Indeed I like them not, and oft cry shame upon them.
  • Never had such a cry been heard within the halls of fashion.
  • The savages' doleful cry of retreat vibrated upon the air.
  • She don't cry 'n' laugh like other women.
  • A little throbbing cry had broken from Helen's lips.
  • One day the cry of 'Man overboard!' brought all hands on deck.
  • The Officers cry him up very much; and I heard every body speak well of him.

Definition of Cry

(intransitive) To shed tears; to weep. | (transitive) To utter loudly; to call out; to declare publicly. | (transitive, intransitive) To shout, scream, yell.
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