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  • We are in crypts that I have never seen....

How To Use Crypts In A Sentence?

  • They are prodigious great; it is a succession of enormous crypts that end, God knows where.
  • He also inspected the crypts of churches, to unearth traces of the priests' lubricity.
  • The palette for that work was laid by angels, from tubes long hidden in the choicest crypts of the vast elaboratory, and those transcendent tints.
  • Perhaps its occupant slept; perchance he wandered, with closed eyes, far down among the sombre, dank crypts of memory.
  • Incidentally this unusual elevation of the eastern floor of the church made possible one of the finest crypts in existence, which for space and dignity is a church in itself.

Definition of Crypts

plural of crypt
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