Crystallizing In A Sentence

Definition of Crystallizing

present participle of crystallize

How To Use Crystallizing In A Sentence?

  • The purpose of the acid was of course to invert part of the cane sugar to glucose so as to keep it from crystallizing out again.
  • Sahwah's feelings toward Veronica were crystallizing daily into a deep affection.
  • It is a colorless substance crystallizing in fine needles, and, like most ammonium salts, is very soluble in water.
  • Mr. Brown, his devotion crystallizing into a sensible effort to win her, forgot his shyness and enlarged on the pleasing theme.
  • The sentiment of the band was crystallizing into the opinion that Black Eagle could lead them with more lustre, profit, and distinction.
  • His extraordinary faculty for grasping an intricate problem and crystallizing it in an epigram, or scoring his adversaries with one bright flash, was apparent even then.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Crystallizing | Crystallizing Sentence

  • Another cause of the jelly crystallizing is hard boiling.

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