Cuckoos in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Cuckoos

1. Transformation of cuckoos into sparrowhawks. 🔊

2. Ground cuckoos (Centropus). 🔊

How to use Cuckoos in Sentences?

1. There was already a din of cuckoos in the park, and the nesting birds were busy. 🔊

2. The young cuckoos are always hungry, and never in the least anxious to go away. 🔊

3. I have been much haunted, indeed infested, if the word may be pardoned, by cuckoos lately. 🔊

4. It is reported that seven cuckoos have been heard in different parts of the country during the past week. 🔊

5. Two cuckoos answered each other from opposite banks of the river and two hearts sang songs of joy that met and mingled and floated upward. 🔊

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