Cuddling In A Sentence

How To Use Cuddling In A Sentence?

  • The artist knew that she was cuddling the puppy to her heart, and his own grew twisted.
  • She was sitting, cuddling her doll before the fire, for the nights were still cool.
  • That night he slept in a barn, cuddling down in the haymow, where he could hear some horses stirring in their stalls.
  • But Eloise had already broken the stem of a flaming orange and red nasturtium and was cuddling it against her cheek.
  • And when he got home he came on Lydia, sitting on the front steps, singing to herself and cuddling a kitten in the curve of her arm.
  • She took no part in any of their games but watched them with that vacant smile upon her wrinkled face, keeping out of the way of being jostled by cuddling down in some corner just as the twins did.
  • Work in the late sad sweetening red ferns and lift the bell so that there is no closet, search and shake the best example and never shudder in the cuddling water.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cuddling | Cuddling Sentence

  • Flossy was one of those cuddling girls.
  • This cuddling up to Righteousness!
  • I'll not stand by and watch you cuddling that cub!
  • Look at it swimming up to her, and cuddling to her, quite happy.
  • He finished 'is beer, and, cuddling my arm, stepped back to the wharf.

Definition of Cuddling

present participle of cuddle | The act of giving a cuddle.
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