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  • And do you now cull out a holiday?
  • Why should I cull my words so careful?
  • Clasp thee, and cull thee, what harm would be done?
  • Among these I cull the following: 1.
  • Your chief work will be to cull flowers from the forest for my devotions.
  • I've got hold of a cull or I shouldn't be in this lackey's coat.

How To Use Cull In A Sentence?

  • It required experience and skill to cull out the spies from among real deserters and refugees.
  • I then cull the worst of the different lots, feeding the culls and wintering the tops.
  • You will yet cull the splendid blossom that fascinates you, at least I hope so.
  • Now that these seedlings are beginning to bear we are able to cull out any that prove to be very inferior.
  • Lies are half of the trade and the other half is to squeeze the cull of as much gold as he can be fooled out of.
  • On board this vessel we try to cull the fruits of all our predecessors' experiences.
  • There is really no limit to the number of quotations that one could cull to give a picture of this most lovable man.
  • The plot which with some pride he had hatched and the reward he looked to cull from it, were now to his soul as ashes to his lips.
  • Children should not cull the fruits of reflection and observation early, but expand in the sun, and let thoughts come to them.
  • We ran into a book-shop in the morning and obtained a local guide-book, that we might cull for you the proper quotations therefrom.
  • You could cull out the trill of mountain brooks, the staccato of green rushes shivering above chilly lagoons, the pipe of sleepy birds.
  • He was a warm friend, and very kind to me when I was almost a boy, and on a busy day he trusted me to cull the beasts he had bought from myself.
  • He realized what a long, restless struggle he had maintained, and how much he had lost by failing to cull the simple but wholesome pleasures by the way.
  • Miss Wharf never by any chance looked at a newspaper herself, but left it to Miss Pewsey to cull the choice news for her delectation.
  • It were easy, indeed, to cull from the records of the past many facts which might seem to give a plausible aspect to the theory of M. Comte.
  • Suppose a diligent worker to cull from newspaper files, law reports, and what he hears in talk, the cases in which one party to a marriage has cruelly mistreated the other.

Definition of Cull

To pick or take someone or something (from a larger group). | To gather, collect. | To select animals from a group and then kill them in order to reduce the numbers of the group in a controlled manner.
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