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  • I culled the most beautiful.
  • An army culled in part from all the lands.
  • I had just culled was still on the rose-bush also!
  • But of divine effect, he culled me out.
  • Besides this, the corn blades are culled and cured.
  • Mos' culled folks has de gif ob secon' sight, dey say.
  • Many arpeggio forms of value may be culled from compositions.
  • Jenny had culled them from the school, as best fitted for her purpose.
  • These are but a few maxims culled from a crowded garden....
  • The other posts might be easily culled from tree-lops, destined for fire-wood.
  • Here are a few facts culled from the report of the Royal Society of London.
  • And Anne Stafford sent on some hollyhock seeds culled from Emerson's garden.

How To Use Culled In A Sentence?

  • Now let us see the fate of these men culled with so much care from each generation.
  • She culled simples and herbs for medicine, thus becoming the physician of the household.
  • The sweetest fruit on bush and trees, Is culled and plucked by birds and bees.
  • The number I have culled from one hundred and forty-six pages of Schmidt is 674.
  • I, when a mere girl, culled from the wound Of hairy-breasted Nessus in his death.
  • Turning from place names which have been culled in the main from the tithe map to the parish tithe itself.
  • One of these books is before me now, and here are a few of the names, culled almost at random from its pages.
  • The last was a phrase culled from one of her favourite novelettes, and she thought it applied admirably.
  • As he was more or less of a fool, we did not take this as a reflection on our judgment, but culled cedar clubs.
  • Out of a wealth of detail, culled from innumerable telegrams and articles, certain facts stood out clearly.
  • The few chunks of tough bread culled from the remnant found in the mess box served but little that night to fill the aching voids.
  • He very neatly fitted into his mosaic word-pictures the titbits he had culled in his commonplace-book out of many poets, and so utilised them.
  • First he culled a great heap of the thin wiry grass which seemed the chief product of his rock, and spread it also to dry for a couch.
  • You have flown after this young Scot in a manner fitted only for the foolish name your father culled for you out of his books of chivalry.
  • Who can say from memory the titles of even six of his thirty-nine operas, from whence may be culled many of his choicest flowers of melody?
  • Introducing his guests into the largest of the houses, Juan presented them with some fine ripe fruit which he culled from the garden.
  • The scenes of the tales are laid in Brittany, and we are probably correct in regarding them as culled from original traditional material.
  • The traditions and historical records of the Persians are contained in the famous series of writings culled the Zend-avesta.
  • The materials of which the work is composed have been culled from a great variety of sources, and the writer almost despairs of making adequate acknowledgments.
  • Here, In vain they built the leafy bower of love, Or culled the sweetest flowers and fairest fruit.
  • And apart from its place of prominence in systems of thought, perhaps a finer list of beautiful sayings about friendship could be culled from ancient writers than from modern.
  • The fine tropical flowering-plants cultivated in our hothouses have been culled from the most varied regions, and therefore give a most erroneous idea of their abundance in any one region.
  • What he lacked in words he made up in rolling phrases culled from other sources than the prayer book, and in a deeply sincere manner which sat upon him with stately dignity.
  • The nomenclatures of science are not for children, but its beauties and wonders are, and may be culled for them by a skilful hand till they have had a peep at the wide range of the universe.
  • On barrows in the street they were selling the first culled clusters of dates of the season; we bought both pale and dark varieties, but they were hard and tasteless.

Definition of Culled

simple past tense and past participle of cull
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