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  • You are as culpable if you injure another as another would be if he injured you.
  • I am culpable in harbouring the remotest desire of his preserving his attachment to me.
  • He had reason to believe a culpable intimacy existed between his wife and his foreman.
  • A more insane and culpable thing than this attempt at revolution was never put in practice.
  • There were equally culpable but less notorious abuses of power in other branches of the service.
  • In this case, culpable though he may appear, there is every excuse for the veterinary surgeon.
  • The forger "gets twenty years" for his crime against property; the culpable homicide five.
  • Another cause of these losses is the culpable neglect and recklessness of royal officials and governors.
  • Yet such was the inflexibility of his character that he reproached himself for this involuntary pity, as a culpable weakness.
  • So, it is of eternal justice that crime be punished by the unhappiness of the culpable happiness which it has tried to obtain by stealth.
  • There was not one small particular loose to give him ground for flying at the culpable person and raking him with his blistering fire.
  • When we abandon ourselves to irregularities of conduct, even to those regarded as least culpable in the opinion of the world....
  • It was culpable carelessness in Hester, but colonial people had been used to such health that they did not care about infection.
  • According to theologians, the afflictions and evils of this life are chastisements which culpable men receive from Divinity.
  • Another sinner, far more culpable would also find happiness through forgiveness, and her husband come into his reward, some day!
  • Neither side is free from blame; Freneau is certainly no more culpable than the others who held far higher positions than he.
  • Cleary was assiduous in his attentions, but, intimate as they were, Sam could never bring himself to confess his culpable weakness to him.
  • The apathy and indifference of the masses in their degraded conditions are as culpable as the pride and satisfaction of the upper classes in their superior position.
  • That of their Princes, is more accurately disposed, and so far they study to appear agreeable and comely; but without any culpable intention.
  • It is not the pain felt by the victim that demands a corresponding pain; it is violated justice that imposes on the culpable man the expiation of suffering.
  • She foresaw that she would see her, and she determined not to avoid her, by way of inflicting upon herself a punishment for what she considered her culpable hopes.
  • Along with an almost culpable indifference to danger he joined an intense love for animals and a deep feeling for the helpless, as the following story will show.
  • Of those at school, many derive little or no instruction, owing to the incapacity of the teachers, as well as to their culpable negligence and inattention.
  • If a man were to leave his earthly affairs in an uncertain, unsettled condition, he would lay himself open to the charge of the grossest and most culpable neglect and carelessness.
  • The male though prudently neutral in the contest, showed his culpable partiality by flying off with his paramour, and for the rest of the evening left the tree to his pugnacious consort.
  • The most culpable neglect could alone have encouraged it; and it is difficult to conceive how it could have succeeded, if anything like a proper stand had been made by those in charge of her when it commenced.
  • Whatever influences add to mental or moral faculty, take men out of nationality, as out of other conditions, and make the national life a culpable compromise.
  • He advised that, under certain restrictions, such assemblies were within the law, and that there could be nothing culpable in rifle-matches involving mere trials of skill.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Culpable | Culpable Sentence

  • It is a culpable use of liberty to abdicate it.
  • Then, Reine was doubly culpable in his eyes.
  • By retaining it, shall I not be as culpable as Welbeck?
  • It was less culpable than what she had nearly been guilty of herself.
  • Thousands of lives might have been lost through his culpable negligence.
  • It poisons culpable joys and the successes that are not legitimate.
  • We should be culpable if we did,' was the answer.
  • It is a culpable misuse of it to seek in it for answers on worldly things.
  • The highly culpable folly of this conduct became too soon apparent to all.
  • Are, then, being culpable and being unfortunate the same thing?
  • Well, to our minds, you alone are culpable and responsible.
  • Her very smiles ceased to delight me, for I felt culpable in having won them.

Definition of Culpable

Meriting condemnation, censure or blame, especially as something wrong, harmful or injurious; blameworthy.
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