Cummings In A Sentence

How To Use Cummings In A Sentence?

  • I certainly am glad to see Ray Cummings writing for your most excellent magazine.
  • A man named Cummings was the Republican and Seth Reynolds, the liveryman, the Democratic nominee.
  • It was two weeks after her mother's funeral when Lucy Ann Cummings sat down and considered.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cummings | Cummings Sentence

  • Mark Cummings had just arrived on the scene.
  • Leinster and Cummings are old favorites of mine.
  • Illustrated by Joseph Cummings Chase.
  • E. E. Cummings (A); 23Jan61; R270161.
  • You should have reprints by Burroughs, Cummings and Merritt.
  • Elizabeth Wade, Marian Cummings and Elsie Wilton each added their tribute.
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Cummings in a sentence

Cummings sentence

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