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  • Herein was the cunning of the smugglers.
  • Spirit of a cunning one!
  • He is more cunning than you can imagine.
  • A cunning laugh interrupted him.
  • But here is where the cunning of the invention comes in.
  • A cunning insane light was in his eyes.
  • A cunning magpie is looking into a bone.
  • Fury everywhere raged and the cowardly cunning of weakness.
  • Wert thou a selfish, cunning boy?
  • We must leave its analysis to wiser and more cunning anatomists.
  • But he possessed the courage of a lion, and the cunning of a fox.
  • They tell me to use gentler expressions, and more cunning words.
  • But Bruno had become as cunning and wary as a fox in keeping out of danger.
  • When their eyes met, he knew that maybe Allen had designed a cunning solution.
  • I was thinking of The cunning rogueries of that slave, Syrus.
  • I swear, I always thought That you had been a shrewd, sharp, cunning fellow.
  • Isn't this a cunning little guest chamber nested in the trees?
  • Presently he looked up with his cunning smile at Gray's dark face.
  • Rapidly the cunning hand of the surgeon ran over Abbott's body.
  • Mr. Gibney smiled--an arch, cunning smile.

How To Use Cunning In A Sentence?

  • And then the cunning stroke of implying that her sister was not indisposed to listen to me.
  • The tyrannous devices which their cunning had invented were executed with brazen impudence.
  • An attempt to find this nest showed the cunning displayed by these clumsy creatures.
  • How deftly do cunning priests manipulate every means at their command to increase their power!
  • He was a tall, gaunt mountaineer, and his face showed that he was both cunning and crafty.
  • He glanced sharply at the warrior, who was looking at his chief with an alert, cunning expression.
  • And when in earnest you are moved to speak, Then is it needful cunning words to seek?
  • I to my neighbor shall not reach thee now, Nor on thy rich device shall I my cunning show.
  • His brute force and superior cunning combined with his evil reputation held them in complete subjection.
  • I do not know what impulse of prudence induced me to enter into the cunning farce my shrewd employer had marked out for me.
  • Romney was his private preserve, and the painter submitted to the ring-fence that his cunning friend built about him.
  • And then the swift thought came to her that the wretch meant to slake his thirst for revenge and trust to his cunning to avoid the penalty for it.
  • The coarse features wore a look of cunning satisfaction as he came and drummed on the pane, requesting admission.
  • That girl is stupid after all, though she has got a certain amount of low cunning which no doubt is very useful at times.
  • If you have ever paid any attention to the habits of animals, you will know that donkeys are remarkably cunning in opening gates.
  • Is the lock on the gate of heaven a common padlock, or like the cunning contrivances which are nowadays employed in safety vaults?
  • Neither did I trouble myself about the extraordinary marks of favor with which the cunning creature began to annoy me.
  • Once or twice she was persuaded by her cunning aunt to accompany Shane along the northern coast in the yacht.
  • Even the shop which he had furnished and laid out with such loving care, seemed a cunning trap to devour his precious sovereigns week by week.
  • But it was the way of the Jago that its mean cunning saw a mystery and a terror where simple intelligence saw there was none.

Definition of Cunning

Sly; crafty; clever in surreptitious behaviour. | (obsolete) Skillful, artful. | (obsolete) Wrought with, or exhibiting, skill or ingenuity; ingenious.
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