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  • The boot cupboard was empty.
  • Instead of going to the cupboard he approached the window.
  • The panel of the cupboard moved in the groove.
  • There was no back to the cupboard on the lower shelf.
  • Charlie stood gazing at the contents of the cupboard for some moments.
  • His first act was to fling the cupboard key out into the bushes.
  • A single glance showed him his cupboard had been rifled of its food supplies.
  • There were a few chairs scattered about, and a cupboard in one corner.
  • This cupboard faced a bed that filled almost the whole space of an alcove.
  • The guard got the weapon from the cupboard and gave it to Farland.
  • Mrs. Seal got the teacups out of the cupboard and set them on the table.
  • From the cupboard Scawthorne produced one and bade the visitor help himself.
  • He went to a cupboard and brought forth a box of Trichinopoly cheroots.
  • Mrs. Orban took a revolver from a cupboard and gave it into the boy's hands.

How To Use Cupboard In A Sentence?

  • She had left it behind her when she married and found it now hanging in a cupboard in her room.
  • In the boot cupboard downstairs there would probably be nothing likely to be of any use.
  • After a search he found paper and pens and wax in a cupboard and sat down to write.
  • He pulled out the two small drawers just under the cupboard top and looked within them.
  • Lite went to the cupboard and looked inside it, wondering what the man could have wanted there.
  • We have a fine little bureau cupboard of carved oak; we use this for the rations.
  • She was standing now with her back to the little cupboard behind whose door lay the two pistols.
  • They went and foraged accordingly, hunting through every cupboard and turning out every drawer.
  • And she held out the key of the cupboard where the spoons were daily taken out by herself or Ida.
  • His first impulse was to go to the cupboard and fetch the spirit bottle; indeed, he rose to do so.
  • Mr. Downing seized one of these, and delivered two rapid blows at the cupboard door.
  • Her first act inside the cottage was to get the belt from the cupboard and buckle it around her waist.
  • He laughed in a way that chilled her, then went to the cupboard and reached for his shotgun on the wall next to it.
  • She was carrying plates and cups from the cupboard as she spoke, so that her sentences were more than usually broken apart.
  • Foster brought out a bottle of whisky from a cupboard and put it on the table by the water-jug, and then offered cigars.
  • He opened a cupboard in the room and brought out a clean pair of sheets, which he proceeded to arrange on the bed.
  • And there were drawers and shelves to the ceiling where linen was kept, and a cupboard for cough-syrup and oily lotions for chapped hands.
  • If he is fond of arranging things, they will lead him to the cupboard or the play-room, when it wants putting in order.
  • Thus the cupboard might be three feet five inches, and the drawers collectively two feet seven inches.
  • She observed a large cupboard which was locked, but of which, from the darkness of the place, she could take no survey.
  • If he sent Smith, then he himself could wait and make certain that the cupboard was not tampered with.
  • The mayor seemed to understand the look, for he went to a cupboard and pulled out one of the drawers, from which he took a pack of cards.
  • There was no fire, but a few pieces of wood lay near the hearth, and at the bottom of the open cupboard remained a very small supply of coals.
  • Four of the upright plankings slid upward together in a sort of rough panel, and revealed a shallow cupboard hewn out of the old logs behind them.
  • Sir Henry groped in the cupboard of his desk, and produced a bottle of whisky and a syphon of soda water.
  • So Ben reached down from the upper shelf in the cupboard the ink bottle, and a pen in a black wooden penholder.

Definition of Cupboard

To collect, as into a cupboard; to hoard. [from 16th century.] | (obsolete) A board or table used to openly hold and display silver plate and other dishware; a sideboard; a buffet. | (obsolete) Things displayed on a sideboard; dishware, particularly valuable plate.

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