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  • His cupidity was aroused.
  • Her cupidity seemed like her very blossom.
  • They had the cupidity of hawks at one moment.
  • It has been charged that commercial cupidity conceived the campaign.
  • There was none of the cupidity of women for jewels in her look.
  • But Brandilancia had not reckoned on the cupidity of his host.
  • Negroes in Hartford were suffering from the cupidity of landlords.
  • Jacob Kent had suffered from cupidity all the days of his life.

How To Use Cupidity In A Sentence?

  • Clavering had met other women in whom cupidity was at least as strong as vanity.
  • Conquest was spreading its invariable discord in the cupidity to share its fruits.
  • To the influence of the military was added the cupidity of the commercial and financial class.
  • He was filled and fired with a keen cupidity of desire to possess and own such beauty and grace.
  • But my escape was prosaically commonplace, depending on the cupidity of one man.
  • This state of peace came near being disturbed by the gross cupidity of some wretched soldiers.
  • Selfishness, cupidity and greed lead to tyranny, and tyranny finally destroys itself.
  • Do you wonder poor Blakelock met his doom through the cupidity of laggard dealers?
  • This appeal to the commercial cupidity of England would, also, he thought, be the most effectual.
  • Well, then, I would advise you as a friend, not to trust Yankee cupidity too far.
  • In the lust of cupidity they did not even think how they wrought against their own safety and that of the ship.
  • But doubtless we ought to begin by renouncing the perfidious means of inflaming their cupidity and their passions.
  • So great is their cupidity that the one disputes the right of the other as to the amount of reward they are respectively entitled to.
  • He tempted through the cupidity of men worth while, and when they were in his coils they were held there irrevocably.
  • Government will not encourage the industry of the people, for fear of exciting the cupidity of foreigners.
  • And their cupidity is so great, that every principle of law and morality is shamefully compromised in their dealings with mankind.
  • The enormous number of hawkers must also have given a rather exaggerated idea of the poverty and cupidity which nevertheless prevailed.
  • Those preliminaries of a signed draft upon the bank, which cupidity and the occasion demanded, were soon over.
  • Although they have scarcely ever owned a piastre in their lives, the shining dollar has excited the most inordinate cupidity amongst them.
  • And then the smirk disappeared from his sagging mouth, the cruelty and cupidity left his eyes, and terror crept in.
  • I have said that this innate principle of cupidity must be overcome before we can love God or our neighbor.
  • This singular outbreak of cupidity astonished me, and half indignantly I expostulated with the girl.
  • This only aroused the cupidity of Cortes, who determined to make a bold stroke for the conquest of such a rich prize.
  • So many attractions did not fail to rouse the cupidity of neighbouring territories, chief among them being Morocco.
  • With a cupidity not at all to be wondered at, I shall attempt to keep the matter secret and immediately to make a purchase.
  • Scarpi was torn two ways; cupidity reminded him that the golden statue was easily obtained, piety interposed that it would be a shocking crime.
  • We saw little to move the cupidity of the visitor, but tried to bargain for one relic less ugly than the rest; in vain, however.
  • In short, I made myself generally known in the locality and planted the seed of cupidity in the hearts of several hundreds of impecunious persons.
  • He spoke imperfect English, and there was a gleam of cupidity in his eyes which to Deane seemed hopeful.
  • Those of his followers who had seen Egypt described it in the most glowing terms to the Sudanese, whose cupidity was fully aroused.
  • They frequently saw themselves betrayed by a cupidity which impelled the authorities to enrich themselves in every possible way at the expense of general suffering.
  • Why do nations encourage the cupidity of men by licensing and letting loose swarms of picaroons on their enemies, if it is not to inflict evil on them?

Definition of Cupidity

Extreme greed, especially for wealth.
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